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Device Management meets

Classroom Management

Class Manager offers teachers a specialized tool to ensure students are focused on learning by providing a core set of functionalities for classroom tasks. It also empowers teachers to disable or allow the camera, enable Bluetooth, verify devices are compliant with teacher defined policies, and ensure that Apple Classroom is automatically configured to be used in conjunction. Class Manager works across any network so it's a great tool to use with Apple Classroom when students are face to face or standalone when they are in remote learning.

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Focusing students into resources with

Study Apps & Sites

Apple devices are powerful tools for learning and with so many great apps we give teachers the ability to focus students into a group of apps through a feature called Study Apps. Teachers can browser native and Apps & Books (VPP) apps and select the ones the students should have access to and everything else is temporarily hidden on the device. Study Sites extends the same capabilities to websites, creating a temporary allowed list so students can only access authorized websites during class time.

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Eliminate distractions

App Lock and Safe Test

Assessment on iPad or Mac is another great example of how teachers can utilize the device. We provide App Lock to define a single app that will lock on the screen, the students will not be able to exit the app or take screenshots! Teacher can also safely administer assessments by locking students into a specific webpage with Safe Test, making sure students can't access any other resources during the test or including navigating to another website.

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Monitor real time progress with

Live Screens

Teachers can ensure students are focused and utilizing macOS devices for assigned tasks and monitor progress by leveraging live screens inside Class Manager, view the whole class or focus in on a single student to see exactly what is going on, including the ability to take a screenshot when an artifact is needed.