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Mosyle Manager is the most complete pro-solution to manage, deploy, and secure Mac, iPad, iPhone, and Apple TV devices made exclusively for K-12. We are revolutionizing all aspects of MDM, from pro-level workflows to support and onboarding, all at an education-friendly price.

Incomparable feature set.

Defining the New Standard.

Apple devices: MacBook Pro, iPad, iPhone, and tvOS
Full Apple MDM feature set for macOS, iOS, iPadOS and tvOS.

Mosyle Manager combines an extremely complete feature set for Apple MDM designed for K-12, without compromising on usability.
Long story short, Mosyle Manager enables IT Administrators at Schools to do everything they need easier than anyone else.

Start Class Preferences dialog
The teacher’s play button to digital class.

With Mosyle Manager, teachers customize preferences for their classes and with the click of a button all devices in that class will be configured to meet teacher expectations, giving back precious minutes for learning.

Google and Microsoft logos
Complete support for Google, Microsoft, AD and API.

Leverage your Google or Microsoft school account to allow teachers and students to login with their school credentials. Not using Google or Microsoft? No worries, we also support AD and full API.

Mosyle Auth 2 login interface
Bring a real SSO experience also on your macOS devices.

Mosyle Auth 2 gives schools the control of the macOS LoginWindow, allowing them to enforce an extra level of standardization while giving teachers and students the simplicity of using their school provided credentials to authenticate their Macs.

Dialog box showing number of infections on the last 24 hours
Purpose-built & Fully-Integrated macOS Antivirus.

Mosyle Manager brings the first and only macOS Antivirus natively built as part of a K-12 software allowing schools to monitor and protect devices used by teachers and students against new malware while preserving full performance.

A set of Apple OS applications
End-to-end solution for apps installing for all Apple OS.

Mosyle Manager brings state-of-the-art to Apple Install & Patching for iOS, iPadOS, macOS and tvOS, combining powerful and automated flows leveraging App Store apps, with “pick-and-go” solutions for non-App Store apps.

An illustrative dialog box showing how many rules a specific device is compliant with
Device Hardening & Compliance crafted for K-12.

Mosyle Manager is the only solution to leverage a security compliance benchmark for device hardening designed specifically for K-12, ensuring that Apple devices are always correctly configured without limiting expected use cases.

Mosyle Screenguide Parental Control logo
Extend our powerful MDM tools to parents and families.

Schools using Mosyle Manager can extend management of the school-owned iPads to parents and families outside of school hours, giving parents tools to ensure the school-owned device is used correctly when at home.

Single solution for all your Apple needs.

Single solution for all your Apple needs Apple TV, iPad and MacBook
Gear icon Full Apple MDM Feature
Set for macOS, iOS,
iPadOS and tvOS
Lockpad icon K-12 specific endpoint security for Apple
Academic cap icon Classroom
Management tools
for teachers
House icon Parental Controls for
school-owned Apple
User and Password icon Identity
Management for
Apple devices

Pick between Free or Lowest Price on market.

For Mosyle Manager, our K-12 specialization goes much further than designing unique workflows, automations, features and security for all the different needs and use cases found in schools. Our pricing was also designed to allow every single school, regardless of size or budget, to use the best Apple MDM solution. Some might call it cheap. We call it FAIR.

  • No limit on devices
  • Pick iOS/iPadOS or macOS
  • Full support of MDM Protocol
  • Personalized Onboarding
  • Parental Controls
  • Shared iPads
  • Single Sign-on
  • iOS, iPadOS, macOS & tvOS
  • Unlimited support
  • Classroom management tools
  • Automated workflows
  • App Catalog for macOS
  • Endpoint Security
$5.50 Device / Year

K-12 is in our DNA and in all that we do.

Mosyle was initially founded as an iPad-first Learning Management System provider and after hearing from our initial customers the frustration experienced with their legacy MDM providers, we decided to bring our K-12 experience to the Apple MDM market.
After combining the ideal workflows common to K-12 software with all the potential of Apple’s MDM Protocol, we came up with a completely new approach to managing Apple devices in K-12 and we called it Mosyle Manager.
Just 5 years after its release, Mosyle Manager is now used by over 17,000 schools around the world, managing millions of Apple devices daily, used in the most important mission of our society: educate our children.

Young student in a classroom with an iPad