All the pro features you need for a simple, fair and transparent price

You don't need to choose between a Pro product and a stripped-down product for Schools. Mosyle Manager works for schools of all sizes and has a flexible pricing plan for every type of Apple deployment. You can get all the pro features you need, for a fraction of the price.

Free Premium
General Info
1:1, Shared & BYOD Support Tooltip Check Check
Multi-OS Management Tooltip - Check
Custom Alerts Tooltip - Check
Help Center Tooltip Check Check
Support with Tickets Tooltip - Check
MDM Commands
Install Apps and Books Tooltip Check Check
iOS or macOS Native Restrictions Tooltip Check Check
Wifi Authentication Tooltip Check Check
Configure Security & Privacy Tooltip Check Check
Apps and Books Self-Service Tooltip Check Check
Run Custom Scripts for Mac Tooltip - Check
Generate PKGs and Install Enterprise Software Tooltip - Check
Create Unlimited Device Groups Tooltip - Check
Schedule Management Profiles Tooltip - Check
Bulk Operations Tooltip - Check
Apple School Manager Full Support Tooltip Check Check
Apple Classroom App Integration Tooltip Check Check
Active Directory Integration Tooltip - Check
API Integration Tooltip - Check
Mosyle Manager Add-on

Mosyle Auth for Mac Login Window

$ 2.00price per device/year
  • Enhance Login Window bringing SSO and AD functionality, no binding required
  • Set up local user accounts and link them to modern authentication using cloud IdPs
  • Support to G-Suite, Azure AD, Office 365, AD FS, LDAP and On-Premise AD

Don't compromise your IT budget – estimate your savings

At Mosyle, we strive to help customers make financial decisions with confidence and transparency. To do this, we are always upfront with the consumer about the true cost involved in using Mosyle Manager. We have no hidden fees, no strings attached to create an account, and the most straightforward purchasing process to make it easier for our customers.

Annual savings using Mosyle:

Their current MDM solution total:

MDM market average total:

That means your school district could invest their year-savings into:




Mosyle is giving Apple admins what they want – choice, flexibility and control – in what they use to manage their devices, how they do it and what they pay for the MDM solution that best suits their needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible to use Mosyle?

Mosyle Manager is built to serve educational environments and meet the needs of teachers and IT personnel at K-12 schools/districts. Any other organization(s) not classified as a K-12 school/district are meant to use our enterprise solution: Mosyle Business.

Are there any hidden fees or contract obligations?

No, we do not enforce any contracts for long-term commitments or other contract obligations whatsoever. And we never charge any extra fees for setup, onboarding or support; charges are based solely on the licenses used for the number of devices enrolled in the MDM.

Which types of support come with Mosyle?

We hold Customer Support and Success as our top priority here at Mosyle and therefore, we're committed to providing the best customer support experience possible. For Premium accounts, we provide unlimited support with our Customer Support Team through direct, personalized Support by Tickets. With all the ease of just dropping us a Ticket, our team can analyze your question along with full access to fresh and already structured logs. They will get back to you quickly through any and all necessary communication channels, including phone call, web conference, or screen share. In the basic/free plan, the accounts will have access to our documentation under the Help Center area and the Video Tutorials.

What payment methods do you accept?

We support several payment methods: Credit Card, payment by school/district Check Order (US only), and Wire Transfer (upon request). Read more information on Mosyle's billing policies and find more answers from frequently asked questions.

What are Mosyle Manager limitations for the free plan?

Rest assured that there’s no limit of devices that you can enroll in a Free account. The free plan does have some limitations as far as feature set only. Schools can see exactly which features are available on the free and premium plans by logging into their account and looking through the features. Those labeled with a small “P” or “Premium” tag are those available on the Premium plan. All other features are available on the free plan. Once your Trial period comes to an end, your account will be converted to a Free account automatically – any profiles or operations you created during the Premium period using the premium features will be secured and unlocked if you decide to upgrade later (so you can pick them where you left before). Schools can start using for free as long as they want, or need, and then move to paid - this is something no other MDM is offering anymore, so there are many legacy MDM users looking for a change.

We need to add new devices to our account. How will that be billed?

Your subscription is flexible and you can manage the number of enrolled devices through the Mosyle Manager web panel under the Preferences tab. The pricing for the additional devices will be prorated until the end of your current billing period, so you will be able to renew it for all devices at the same time. Read more information on Mosyle's billing policies and find more answers from frequently asked questions.

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