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Why Mosyle Manager?

Mosyle Manager is designed for what you care about most: improving education.

You want to offer the best education to your students. You invest in mobile technologies to create engaging and creative ways of learning. You want to foster an ideal mobile-centric learning experience, so students can achieve their full potential. That’s where Mosyle Manager comes in.

Built just for schools, not adapted for schools

Unlike other mobile device management providers, we don’t serve enterprise, all of our products are built and continuously developed to serve teachers, students, parents, and the entire learning community. Mosyle Manager was developed from scratch to specifically meet educators' needs, routines and wants; not just adapted to work in the educational environment.

Rapid rollout of updates

We operate on a continuous development cycle. What that means is our platform is constantly updated based on feedback from our customers. We’re dedicated to listening to those that drive our company… you, our customers. All internal metrics for rewarding employees and all KPIs are based on customer satisfaction and comfortability with the platform. As a customer-centric organization, everything is based on customer feedback which has allowed us to increasingly innovate to meet the needs of K-12 institutions.

Accommodates all deployments models

We offer flexible support options for every type of deployment model. If you're using iPads on a one-to-one basis, a shared basis, or even BYOD - we’ve got options and support for you. What's really important from an IT perspective is we offer comprehensive controls; everything you’d expect to find in a Mobile Device Management solution, you’ll find in Mosyle Manager…it’s just easier to use.

Get the most out of Apple's OS Capabilities

We’re pleased to support iOS 11+ and macOS 10.13+. With the most innovative OS update for education ever, Mosyle Manager is not only “ready to support” the newest Apple's features, but it was developed specifically to embrace and fully integrate with all functionalities. It’s almost as if Apple's OS and Mosyle Manager were made for each other!

Hands-free upgrades and 99.9% uptime guarantee

Automatically and accurately update devices so no human operator intervention is necessary to perform software upgrades. We strive to provide thorough and actionable information to assist IT administrators. In addition, we’re so confident in our backup contingency plans that we offer a 99.9% uptime guarantee with all our servers. To prevent any downtime we have automatic load-balancing and fault tolerance across multiple data centers. Everything needed to give you peace of mind while using Mosyle Manager.

Shared Management between IT and Teachers

Mosyle Manager’s intelligent hierarchy applies and inherits policies to streamline oversight. IT can focus on device management and security at the school level, while teachers manage instructional content and student-device interaction within the classroom.

Educational device management is not only about features. It needs to be flexible to accommodate the needs of schools and districts. That’s exactly why you should try Mosyle Manager - gain a partner who’s solely focused on the needs of K-12 schools and districts and driven to make mobile projects run seamlessly.

Minimize distractions. Maximize learning.

A better experience for your students, and less stress for your teachers.
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