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We’ve transformed Apple device management for Education with a cost-effective and customer-centric approach.

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Your organization invests in Apple technology to create engaging and creative learning experiences with iPad devices and Mac computers. We help you foster the ideal Apple-centric learning environment by providing you with all the MDM capabilities you need to achieve the most successful Apple deployment in your School or District.

The Most Affordable MDM solution

We use the best-in-class exponential startup growth techniques to provide a full-featured Apple device management solution for you. K-12 Schools and Districts can now enjoy flexible plans that fit their educational institution’s budget, allowing you to easily scale to your school or district’s needs. Mosyle Manager also offers tvOS management completely free for all customers during the subscription period, granted you have purchased premium licenses for either iOS and/or macOS devices. Customers can enroll as many Apple TVs running tvOS 10.2+ as they'd like and they will not count as licensed devices.

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Reliable Customer Success and Support

We’re raising the support experience to a whole new level by combining extremely well-qualified agents, all specializing in the education market, with state of the art technologies. All our support specialists have extensive knowledge and are highly skilled in Apple management in educational environments. With access to fresh and already structured logs, our team of specialists can analyze your question quickly and get back to you through any and all necessary communication channels, including phone call, web conference, or screen share.

And the result of our customer-centric approach is a 4.99 out of 5 satisfaction rating among our customers.

Apple School Manager Feature
User Information Synchronization

Full Featured Apple Framework

Our team is constantly analyzing Apple’s documentation and framework to provide a full-featured pro solution, with all the integrations, capabilities and protocols that Apple experts need for automating Apple deployment.

From the ability to run custom commands remotely to your entire Mac fleet in seconds to our identity management solution which puts user authentication at its finest, Mosyle Manager offers easy-to-use, yet powerful tools to streamline and automate your Apple deployment.

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Customer-centric for Rapid Updates

We launch all the new Apple MDM framework capabilities since day zero. Mosyle operates on a continuous development cycle which means that our MDM solutions are constantly updated based on feedback from our customers. We’re dedicated to listening to those that drive our company - yes, you, our customer!

All of our internal metrics for rewarding employees and all KPIs are based on customer satisfaction. As a customer-centric organization, everything is based on customer feedback which has allowed us to be increasingly innovative to meet the needs of K-12 School and Districts.

Device Enrollment and Setup

MDM built for Apple for Education

Mosyle Manager was built from scratch to specifically meet educators' needs, routines and wants. Along with all the pro device management capabilities, our MDM solution exclusively offers all the tools and integrations K-12 Schools and Districts need to elevate creative and powerful learning experiences.

We're building and continuously developing new features and tools to serve teachers, students, parents, and the entire learning community, and we are committed to our value of transforming Education. Mosyle Manager is the most powerful solution when it comes to integrating with Apple tools for Education, such as Apple School Manager, Classroom app and Schoolwork app.

Classroom Management

Committed to Security and Privacy

We take security seriously at Mosyle, and our customers' trust is built on our commitment to data privacy and security. We use the best practices to design and maintain Mosyle solutions, so no matter the organization’s shape and size, our solutions are built to keep your information safe.

Mosyle use the best tools and engineering practices to build and maintain a state-of-the-art cloud computing, allowing us to offer a cloud-hosted solution with extreme reliability.

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Why Go Premium?

Level up your school’s Apple deployment with Mosyle Manager Premium and find out how the most cost-effective MDM made for Education can enhance Apple deployments with an exclusive set of features and capabilities.

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Discover why more than 14,000 innovative schools and districts around the world choose Mosyle Manager to help them deploy, manage and scale their Apple Deployments in the educational environment.

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