Guide learning on Mac computers with powerful MDM tools

Engage students even more, ensuring they are focused when learning using Mac computers either in labs or in the classroom.

Start Class

Customize everything and just turn it on

Prepare your teaching environment to optimize instructional strategies in the classroom, enhance the teaching-learning process and ensure safe and educational use of devices.


Understand how students learn and access apps

See the history of applications, documents, and other resources students use during class through the Timeline feature.

Live Screen

Monitor what students are doing

Teachers can ensure students are focused and utilizing devices for learning purposes by monitoring what students are viewing on their screen.

App & Web Lock

Guide students through applications and websites

The Internet and Applications play an important role in education. Using Mosyle Manager, teachers can customize how students access the Internet and Applications during class time by creating lists of allowed websites and apps.

Engage your students in real time

Embrace collaboration and communication through a safe communication environment with your students – both in and out of the classroom.

Focused students

Keep student attention by deactivating Macs during explanations of a subject or guidelines, or while answering questions about projects and activities that will be created during class.

Assess students understanding

Assess student understanding during class, by automatically opening and assigning quick, digital exit slips and other formative assessments to evaluate student progress.

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