Manage student iPads and maximize every teachable minute

Ensure students learn safely, stay focused, and remain engaged through a personal learning experience with iPads.

Start Class

Literally the play button to your digital class

With Mosyle Manager, teachers customize preferences and press “Start" at the beginning of each class, letting us be in-charge of managing device use to meet teacher expectations. In turn, giving back precious minutes for learning.

App Lock

Ensure student attention is within the intended educational

Want students to use a specific app at a specific time? App Lock allows teachers to lock students within an application, disabling the ability to navigate to other resources or the Internet.

Quickly eliminate any distractions from the devices

At some point teachers need to gain immediate student attention, right? For that, we created Heads-Up so teachers can quickly disable student devices and eliminate all distractions.

Easily assess students in real-time

Assess students during class, by automatically opening and assigning quick digital exit slips and other formative assessments to evaluate student progress.

Instant and quick assessment tool

Teachers can safely administer assessments by locking students into a specific webpage, making sure students can’t access any other resources during the test.

Engage your students in real time

Teachers can share relevant info, answer questions and engage their students in real time. Answers will show up in the feed so you can interact in real time.

Web Lock

Regulate student Internet access

The Internet plays an important role in education, offering tons of good resources and materials…and unfortunately, some bad ones too. Using Mosyle Manager, teachers can customize how students access the Internet during class time by creating a list of allowed websites.

Device Status

Instantly check the status of student devices

Mosyle Manager allows teachers to manually check student devices to determine if they are within compliance of the MDM, Supervision and Internet. Doing so saves time by resolving any issues with device compliance right in the classroom.

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