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Mosyle increases confidence with ed tech at this school

This episode of MDM on the Road takes us to Quebec, Canada, where we visit Collège Villa Maria to see how our mobile device management solution has empowered their teachers and IT specialists. 2,000 Apple devices had to be enrolled, including applications, printers, wireless and active directory profiles. Device deployment took over a month when they were doing it manually but Mosyle Manager reduced the deployment times down to just two weeks.

Knowing that finding the right mobile device management solution is important, Collège Villa Maria surveyed their teachers about the software and its impact. The teachers shared that having Mosyle Manager by their side made them feel supported and gave them more confidence in using technology in the classroom.

For this innovative school, our MDM solution has helped them have more control over their Apple devices while keeping students on track. Though it’s history goes back to the early 1800’s, Collège Villa Maria has stayed up to date by embracing technology in education.

The MDM on the Road series tells the stories of teachers and IT professionals that are transforming learning with iPads and our Mobile Device Management (MDM) designed for Education. This MDM on the Road episode was filmed on the iPhone Xs Max and iPad Pro and edited with Final Cut Pro X.

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Video Transcript:

Fredy Padovan, Ed.D. - Chief Inspiration Officer of Mosyle: This episode takes us up North to the province of Quebec, Canada to Villa Maria in the city of Montreal. Villa Maria’s rich history dates back to the early 1800’s and has since been providing high quality, well-rounded instruction to its french and english cohorts. Villa Maria has been keeping up with the rapidly changing education technology landscape by providing innovative learning environments and facilitating a bring your own iPad program for students. Mosyle Manager has helped Villa Maria bring a more focused use of technology to their school community.

Ryan Forster, Coordinator of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) - Collège Villa Maria: So today at Villa we have close to 2000 devices enrolled, 1700 iPads and 300 MacBooks. Mosyle is an important system to tie everything together for us and it is built around teachers, classes, and students so it make sense here at the school. We are using the MDM in a few really interesting ways to keep students on track and to support them when they need a little extra help. Our Learning Specialist is using webclips to push out daily tracers to selected student iPads. Our teachers are able to define and lockdown iPads using study apps and they have the tool right on their device. Another great example of how we are able to use the MDM is in testing situations, we are able to really restrict the iPads down to a single app, we are able to ensure that there are no routes out to the web, and the beauty of the MDM is that it’s going to pick up the iPads and release them on a schedule.

Fredy Padovan, Ed.D. - Chief Inspiration Officer of Mosyle: Some teachers have lived the evolution of Villa Maria’s technology initiatives but all are seeing tremendous benefits using technologies such as iPad in their instruction.

Andre Cholmsky, Science Teacher - Collège Villa Maria: At the very beginning, technology was used in very discrete instances in certain classes and now it’s pervasive in their entire academic life. From basic organizational material and scaffolding that we provide to them like through PowerSchool Learning and our Studio Digital Agenda to specific apps like the ones I use in my science classes that have evolved so much over the last number of years where they are now very very flexible and basically give students a tailored and personalized experience with whatever the topic is at hand.

Michelle Drolet, Math Teacher - Collège Villa Maria: I think technology's role is quite important, considering that it’s really technology at the forefront of society so I think that it’s important that technology is at the forefront of education as well. I don’t think it’s gonna replace replace educators in any sense, but I think it can really help supplement the activities we do, make them more interesting, make them more appropriate to what we do in society, and have students be a little bit more creative in every single subject.

Fredy Padovan, Ed.D. - Chief Inspiration Officer of Mosyle: MDM is an essential tool for any technology program, Mosyle Manager has allowed the I.T. staff at Villa Maria to drastically reduce deployment timelines and give the teachers enhanced offerings to manage the digital learning environment.

William Eachus, IT Technician - Collège Villa Maria: One of our greatest accomplishments when using Mosyle to deploy OSX devices: this year we undertook a project to change all faculty computers at once so within a two weeks span. In the past we would of had to use other imaging tools like Deploy Studio which would have involved many more steps and many more manual hours of configuration. What we found is that we were able to deploy the applications, deploy the printers, deploy the wireless, and active directory profiles before the user even showed up to the office. We were able to accomplish in two weeks what I think would of normally taken about a month and a half to stagger if we were to accomplish it manually.

Ryan Forster, Coordinator of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) - Collège Villa Maria: So since implementing Mosyle campuswide, our teachers are telling us that this is the right tool for them. When we talk to the teachers, when we survey them, they’re saying they feel more supported and more confident in integrating technology in the classroom now that they know that they have a certain control over what’s going on. It’s that confidence that’s really key for the teachers and what we’ve noticed is that more confident teachers with technology are integrating it more often into their classrooms.

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