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Mosyle empowers students’ journey with digital ecosystem

In this episode of the MDM on the Road, our Chief Inspiration Officer, Fredy Padovan, found out how effective device management and digital learning platforms can motivate students and transform the role of the teacher in Varmond School, an educational institution in Morelia, Mexico.

The school prides itself in continuous innovation and combines Apple technology and digital learning platforms to provide deeper learning and fuses 21st century skills with the real world. Mosyle Manager is the Apple mobile device management solution chosen by this great innovative educational organization to support their iPad program.

In Varmond, the students and teachers use iPads as their devices, Mosyle Manager as the MDM solution and Knotion, as the ecosystem in which students learn through a series of challenges using the impact learning model. The school's general director, René Posadas Gutiérres, shared how it positively impacts the students' learning journey by providing deeper, diverse learning opportunities.

Watch how Knotion and Mosyle are empowering 15,000 students combining Apple technology, innovative digital content and citizenship awareness.

The MDM on the Road series tells the stories of teachers and IT professionals that are transforming learning with iPads and our Mobile Device Management (MDM) designed for Education. All MDM on the Road episodes are filmed on the iPhone X and edited with Final Cut Pro.

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Video Transcription

(the voice over for this episode is a ranslation from Spanish of an interview conducted ith Varmond School’s General Director, René osadas Gutiérrez)

This episode on the road features another nnovative organization in Morelia, Mexico, the armond School. This educational gem uses every pace on their campus as a learning environment leverages technology and digital learning latforms to produce deeper learning and fuses 1st century skills with the real world.

Varmond School was founded over 23 years ago. ne of the key characteristics of the school is nnovation. It’s the fuel that drives all of heir processes - administrative, educational and thletics, innovation becomes a meaningful hallenge that motivates the school community aily. One unique aspect of the school is the <>role of the teacher.

René Posadas Gutiérrez, General Director - At Varmond School, the role of the teacher has evolved. We call them coaches. Their primary function is to motivate students in their learning, thus our classes are student centered where the student is the protagonist of their learning. Through the motivation and guidance of their coaches the students are able to construct their own knowledge through daily challenges presented and it becomes possible to provide concrete evidence of their learning.

To support this model, classrooms are designed in a way that fosters collaboration. The school is setup so learning can take place indoors or outdoors. So students have ample opportunities to learning visually and verbally with plenty of movement as they complete assignments. It permits the student to learn in different ways across spaces where they feel free, where they feel their environment is more than adequate to be able to achieve their learning goals. From technology focused rooms to common areas for conversations Varmond school has so many spaces that students can enjoy.

The use of technology at the school is a very important tool that allows them to break down the walls of the classroom, to show students places they have never been and content that instills logical thinking and responsible global citizenship. In many of the processes of the school technology plays a vital role to instruct and inform students while allowing moments of fun where they and all of the staff can use technology to discover new skills within the 21st century learning standards.

In Varmond all of the students use Knotion, it is an ecosystem in which students learn through a series of challenges using the impact learning model. They identify real world problems, they conceptualize it within the class environment, then generate a proposal that provides actionable change. All students regardless of their age level are engaged in this process and it allows for deeper learning opportunities through diverse topics by promoting inquiry, research, investigation, critical thinking and problems solving. Thus, collaborative learning is an important part of the education philosophy at Varmond. Going through the learning journey with their peers helps them to learn tolerance and values that are important with working together. In using Knotion the students are growing in impressive ways by learning knowledge and skills for a lifetime.

To help manage all of the digital tools used on their campus Varmond has tapped into Mosyle.

René Posadas Gutiérrez, General Director - Thanks to Mosyle we have received a very powerful helping hand. Our coaches and our students feel accompanied on their learning journey. The coaches have the opportunity to efficiently manage their classes and have better control on the digital tools available to the students throughout the day and can define the management policies they need for each of their classes.

It’s clear that all of these elements combined make students happy and excited to come to school to learn everyday.