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Oldest Catholic School in US pushes innovation with Apple

The oldest Catholic School in the United States of America is the spot of our fourth episode of MDM on the Road this season! We get to visit Ursuline Academy in New Orleans, Louisiana, where Apple technology has become a new chapter to the almost 300 years of innovation for the K-12 institution. iPad and Mac devices are helping students and teachers achieve academic success, developing important skills and experiences from education, in the 21st century.

With easy-to-use tools and an intuitive user experience, Mosyle Manager is helping schools IT department to easily manage their Apple devices, so they can spend more time on supporting teachers and students with the educational resources they need.

The MDM on the Road series tells the stories of teachers and IT professionals that are transforming learning with iPads and our Mobile Device Management (MDM) designed for Education. This MDM on the Road episode was filmed on the iPhone Xs Max and iPad Pro and edited with Final Cut Pro.

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Video Transcript:

Fredy Padovan - Chief Inspiration Officer of Mosyle: This episode on the road takes us to Louisiana and Ursuline Academy in New Orleans. Founded in 1727, Ursuline Academy has the distinct honor of being the oldest Catholic School in the United States. Staying true to their roots, their focus on educating young women has been further enhanced with the introduction of a comprehensive technology program.

Students begin to use iPads in Lower School and eventually move into a take home iPad program in Middle School. Then, they use a MacBook Air in High School. Their well thought out progression is a testament to the almost 300 years of innovation the school has demonstrated. Faculty are deeply supported by administration and are given countless opportunities to further their use of technology to guide and inform instruction.

Sarah Treadaway - 1st Grade Teacher Ursuline Academy: I think it's really important that in professional development and other things at this school, that they provide us, is that they help us understand, what are these pieces of technology we have on our iPads. It’s not just, hey we put a new app on, if you want to use it, you can. Here’s an app, this is how it works, here something to read up on it and understand it further and you can actually integrate to its best capabilities, in your own classroom.

Dr. Karen McNay - President of Ursuline Academy: They have that hands on, let me show you how I used it and the encouragement that helps move them along, without it being a supervisor that walks in and says you need to do this, you need to do that. That way, technology can grow and all our faculty and staff and administration can grow, and how we use it and utilize it to be more efficient, as well to bring in an education, we couldn't bring in the building before.

Fredy Padovan - Chief Inspiration Officer of Mosyle: The faculty at Ursuline understand the important place technology has in the toolbox of 21st century education and strive to provide students with skills and experiences that promote their academic success.

J. Blair Lewis - High School Language Arts: To be a good teacher, I think you really have to put yourself as a student, right? Students need to be able to communicate, they need to be able to collaborate, and be creative, and think critically and technology is a very good outlet to do all of those things. Many of the jobs that will be available to the students that I teach, they’re not even created yet. So, my job as educator is to incrementally prepare them with technology experiences that make them comfortable enough to try these new things in the future.

Nicole Williamson - Middle School Science Teacher: For me, it enhances my curriculum. I’m able to actually monitor what they are doing and the pace of the classroom, on the iPad itself through Apple Classroom as well as the use of Mosyle. I’m able to, if a student can’t view the particular organism that we’re looking at through the microscope, I have the ability through the technology to show it to them via Classroom or by video, to their iPad’s directly.

Fredy Padovan - Chief Inspiration Officer of Mosyle: Ursuline has chosen Mosyle Manager because it has allowed the I.T. Department the ability to spend more time on supporting the teachers and students with the resources they need versus focusing on making sure policies and restrictions are being enforced.

Kelan Griffin - Director of Technology: My goal as IT Director for Ursuline Academy is to provide the tools necessary for our Teachers to be very effective in the classroom. Mobile device management is a component of my job, it is not my primary job, so Mosyle has helped me in a fantastic way providing a user experience that makes my life a lot easier.

Emily Pastorek - Technology Education Teacher: I really enjoy having many different tools here in our classroom and having a lot of the Apple tools. We have the iPads, we have the Macbooks, we have the Apple TV, some of our lessons do call for the girls bringing their iPads into classroom to do activities either within groups, each other or individually. Same as on the Macbooks and we’re able to use Apple TV to document growth and girls show and share what they’ve been creating, with others.

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