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How MDM helps Tech Support Make a Difference with iPads

Our Chief Inspiration Officer, Fredy Padovan (@EDjuvinator), presents the great Technology Staff of St. Petersburg Catholic High School in this episode of our video series MDM on the Road.

John Christian, Director of Technology, and John Kowalik, Instructional Technology Coordinator, share the main benefits of using Mosyle Manager, our MDM made for Education, for their iPad Deployment.

The principal Ross Bubolz also explains why the IT personnel, as well as Edtech tools like the mobile device management (MDM) solution, are so important to support and encourage teacher success using mobile devices such as iPads in the classroom.

The MDM on the Road series tells the stories of teachers and IT professionals that are transforming learning with iPads and our Mobile Device Management (MDM) designed for Education. Fill the form at the bottom of the page and share your school’s story with us! All MDM on the Road episodes are filmed on iPhone and edited with Final Cut Pro.

Video Transcription

Welcome to the Sunshine State! Our next episode takes us to St. Petersburg Catholic High School in St. Petersburg, Florida. At SPC their holistic program of education focuses on developing the whole person and uses technology as an integral part in preparing students to be moral, productive global citizens.

Their iPad journey dates back in 2014 and recently they switched to Mosyle Manager for their device management services. At the heart of the program are John Kowalik and John Christian, the Instructional Technology Coordinator and Technology Director. With over 450 devices, they maintained a smooth deployment, effortless app distribution, and effective classroom management practices across the campus.

John Kowalik, Instructional Technology Coordinator: I would say our greatest accomplishment in using the Mosyle Manager platform within our iPad implementation would be the ease of setting up the profiles that our school wants to implement with the iPads and also the ease of enrolling the devices. With one simple scan of a QR Code, all the profiles and restrictions that we want for our students’ iPads get installed automatically.

John Christian, Director of Technology: As Director of Technology, my primary function is to make sure that the infrastructure of the campus is working well. Mosyle’s impact on our network - it really has a minimal impact on the network when you think of what Mosyle actually does.

Mosyle is constantly communicating with three hundreds plus devices all day, everyday, and sending commands to and from the devices, and we really don’t notice a lot of impact on the network which is great because that allows the devices to really utilize other connections to their fullest potential.

Ross Bubolz, Principal: Having those two individuals here in our school - John Christian and John Kowalik - really gives us such strength and such a reliability in our systems that people do feel invested in the technology we are utilizing and they do feel it’s an important part of the classroom. Without that presence here, that wouldn’t be happening.

John Kowalik, Instructional Technology Coordinator: Technology’s role in Education is to enhance the overall learning and classroom experience. The goal, I think, in most iPad programs - what I know to be - is to diversify the learning experience and increase the student’s engagement. And if done properly the students can really change how they think, how they collaborate with one another, and how they work with their teachers.

Ross Bubolz, Principal: Technology certainly plays a very vital role in Education and in the future of Education. It is our students’ world and so we are going to prepare our students for career and college. We want them to be successful in the world. We have to integrate our educational opportunities here with technology. What we’ve done is we actually set aside a meeting every month, where is just technology based.

All they do is talk about how they are utilizing the iPads in the classroom, how they are utilizing their laptops to better manage instructions and assessment - it’s an evolving processes how to best use technology in the classroom and professional development has to be intentional, it has to be specific, deliberate, and we have done and really establish that here.

Debra Davis, Spanish Teacher: Students’ reactions to using technology in the classroom are generally positive. They appreciate having all their resources in one place, including their books, without having to carry a heavy bag. And they appreciate the research capabilities that the technology offers them. It also facilitates working in real time on projects in class.

Angela Ivey, Science Teacher: This is the first year we have used the Mosyle Manager and I enjoy using it from the standpoint that it is easier for me to monitor what apps the students are on because I can lock them into apps.

One of the areas that has been very helpful for that is summative assessments. I no longer have to do paper copies of periodic tables. Every task I don’t have to make sure they have their calculator because I put those into Mosyle Manager, lock them in and then they have those for the task. It just reinforces the idea they are here to learn chemistry and to work on that work only.

John Kowalik, Instructional Technology Coordinator: Also if you ever hit a road block, the Mosyle Support team is by far the best I’ve ever worked with. They are super quick to respond to help tickets and they always provide us with the right direction.

Between the Scenes

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