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Lessons Learned from the Road

Lessons Learned from the Road

Lessons Learned from the Road

We went around the world during our second season of MDM on the Road, visiting schools and districts transforming education with the power of Apple devices and Mosyle Manager.

As a follow-up series to MDM on the Road, we created a mini-series called Lessons Learned from the Road where we take a look back at what we’ve learned from teachers, IT specialists and administrators at different institutions. We put those insights we’ve gained from this past season into short videos.

Keep reading to see what they had to say about how Apple devices and MDM technology is helping them achieve their educational and technology goals.

How MDM is transforming Apple device deployment

In the first episode of this season’s Lessons Learned from the Road, we talk to technology specialists about how mobile device management solutions are changing the way Apple devices are used in the classroom. The technology specialists in this video are from Harding Academy in Tennessee, Decatur Independent School District (ISD) in Texas and Collège Villa Maria in Canada.

“With the end of monolithic imaging, you have to have an MDM,” says Matt Powers, Information Systems Director at Harding Academy. Check out the episode here.

How MDM helps prepare students for the real world

With technology changing the educational landscape, teachers are able to elevate learning even further. There are many benefits to using technology in the classroom, and research shows that Ed Tech encourages collaboration and engagement. In this episode of Lessons Learned from the Road, we learn what role MDM plays in that.

“I think it’s important that technology is at the forefront of education as well,” says Michelle Drolet, Math Teacher at Collège Villa Maria. Watch the episode here.

How technology helps teachers create innovative classrooms

Throughout the second season, we’ve come across many different types of classrooms, and these unique classrooms can help spark creativity in students. Some of the innovative classrooms and projects we’ve seen include a coworking classroom and a high tech greenhouse.

The teachers featured in this video are from Immaculata-La Salle High School in Florida and Feaster Charter School in California.

How technology enhances classroom management

With some help from technology, K-12 teachers are able to manage their classes in a way that fits their teaching style and still gives them full control over the learning environment. Tools like Apple Classroom and Mosyle Manager give them even more freedom when teaching.

“Classroom management with or without technology is very important, but you almost have to be a better classroom manager with technology in your hands,” says Stephanie Quarles, Director of Instructional Technology at Decatur ISD. Take a look at the episode here.

All of the featured schools that we visited in Season 2 of “MDM On the Road” were able to achieve success with the help of a mobile device management (MDM) solution - specifically Mosyle Manager. If you haven’t opened your free account, create one now so that you can achieve this same success!