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Lessons Learned from the Road

Lessons Learned from the Road

Lessons we learned from season one of MDM on the Road

With our series “MDM On the Road”, we went across the United States and further to schools and districts to see and showcase how their education and technology departments use Apple technology with the help of Mosyle Manager to better manage their devices.

It has been a great year so we decided to create a series titled “Lessons Learned from the Road”, in which we take a look at what we've learned during this first season of "MDM On the Road", hearing from the view of the Teachers, IT staff and Admin.

We take a look at schools like Cupertino Union School District, Cardinal Gibbons High School, Tuckerton Elementary School and many more in this series of "Lessons Learned from the Road". Hearing some important thoughts and insights from the educators and technology leaders as we support better education technology and simplifying device management in the classroom.

Read on to hear what these educators had to say in these episodes and how we're supporting their school or district to achieve learning and technology goals!

The Important Role of Instructional Technologists in Schools

The first episode of “Lessons Learned from the Road” we took a look at the time we spent at some of the partnered schools and hearing from some featured educators on how important the technology team is to these schools.

Ross Bubolz, Principal of St. Petersburg Catholic High School said “Having Technology Staff on hand on a daily basis is absolutely critical to success of the program.” Make sure to take a look at the First Episode here.

Great Tips from the schools for a successful iPad Deployment

This second episode of Lessons Learned from the Road, as the title suggests, we hear tips for a successful iPad deployment from some featured educators and technology staff interviewed during our first season of MDM On The Road. John Kowalik, Instructional Technology Coordinator of St. Petersburg Catholic High School gave his tip:

“If you ever hit a roadblock, The Mosyle support team is by far the best I have worked with. They are super quick to respond to help tickets and they always provide us with the right right direction.”

Take a look at Episode two of this series and hear some of the other tips our featured educators have said.

Great tips from educators for teaching with technology

Episode three of the series featured educators giving some quick tips for teaching with technology, like this one here from Maddelena Piscitelli, Italian and Art teacher at Mary Help Christians Academy: “In my classroom, I support technology by designing my lessons so that students are creating projects on the iPads in order to demonstrate their knowledge. It just gets the students to stay organized”

You can see the rest of the Tips and our video here.

Technology’s role in Education

The fourth installment of the Lesson Learned from the Road focuses on Technology’s role in Education. We hear from our featured educators and their thoughts and insight on the role that technology plays in education. Check out this quote from Thomas Mahon the Assistant Principal of Cardinal Gibbons High School: “You can’t say education and not say technology in the next breath, the two go hand in hand.”

Take a look at the video and you can hear what other educators had to say about the role of technology.

All of the featured schools that we were able to visit in Season 1 of “MDM On the Road” were able to achieve this success with the help of a Mobile Device Management (MDM) Solution - specifically Mosyle Manager. If you haven’t opened your account, create one now so that you can achieve this same success!