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Mosyle’s Mac-focused features empower IT and students

Providing many self-developed tools exclusively for Mac management, Mosyle Manager is supporting Harding Academy in Nashville, Tennessee, empowering the teachers and students with MacBooks in the classroom. The Apple technology in this K-8 school aims to prepare students for the future workplace, providing innovative learning environments to promote critical skills for success.

According to the school's Information Systems Director, Matt Powers, the Mac computers were chosen over Chromebook considering all the potential of macOS devices as well as Apple's application ecosystem that offers great learning opportunities.

Our K-12 focused device management solution, Mosyle Manager, helps Harding Academy to deploy and manage their Mac fleet with tools such as the Self-Service application that gives a certain level of autonomy to teachers and students.

The MDM on the Road series tells the stories of teachers and IT professionals that are transforming learning with iPads and our Mobile Device Management (MDM) designed for Education. This MDM on the Road episode was filmed on the iPhone Xs Max and iPad Pro and edited with Final Cut Pro X.

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Video Transcript:

Fredy Padovan - Chief Inspiration Officer of Mosyle: This episode on the road takes us to Nashville, Tennessee and to Harding Academy. This K-8 school has a rich history of providing innovative learning environments that promote the critical skills that prepare students for the future workplace. The MacBook has cemented its place as a key tool for Harding Academy in the classroom and Mosyle’s many Mac focused features have allowed the school to empower students and teachers to execute traditional IT workflows.

Matt Powers - Information Systems Director, Harding Academy: From my perspective, technology, we want it to be transparent and that means it’s not an impediment, it does what the teachers and students want it to do without a lot of intervention and troubleshooting. Mosyle gives me the tools and also the teachers and students the tools to make that happen.

There are three ways that Mosyle helps me achieve this transparency. One is the setup, the second is the self-service, and finally is the control over the devices.

With setup, Mosyle allows us to preconfigure things like a local account, printers - allowing users to add or remove printers, allowing certain programs to run that are usually banned because of a kernel extension, a new security item that’s put into the macOS, and this allows us to quickly get around these impediments to setting up our systems.

We love the self-service aspect of Mosyle. It allows our teachers and students to do things that I previously had to get requested to do and it saves time but it also relieves frustration with the technology because it empowers the end user to do things like connect to a local shared drive by clicking on My Commands. Another example is by default whenever you take a screenshot it just dumps the screenshot on your desktop. Well now we can program a self service command that allows end users to click on that, it creates a screenshot folder on the desktop and then all screenshots go into that folder.

We favor the macOS over using a Chromebook because of applications like iMovie. There are also applications like AirServer that allow teachers to AirPlay to their laptops and sometimes that program sometimes needs to be restarted but it’s difficult unless you go to the command line. Mosyle comes to the rescue because we can issue commands through the self-service portal so now teachers can now click, relaunch AirServer and voilá, the AirServer is working again quickly and easily.

Finally, we get down to the issue of control and one of the great features that we love is the ability to limit Chrome extensions. One Chrome extension that we had to fight with before we had Mosyle was VPNs. We had students installing those and bypassing our web filters. Now we can not only limit what Chrome extensions the students can have but we can say we want them to have certain extensions that are helpful.

With the end of monolithic imaging you have to have an MDM. Mosyle hits the sweet spot of a robust, effective but cost effective solution.

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