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iPad devices boosting STEM and STEAM at this school

Our third episode of the second season of MDM on the Road finds us in San Diego, California where we visit Feaster Charter School, with honors such as being an Apple Distinguished School and a Partnership for 21st Century School’s P21 Designation.

The iPad has been the center of blended learning experiences through an innovative curriculum and academic programs in the areas of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics), STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics), and VAPA (Visual and Performing Arts).

Feaster Charter School has found a great partner with Mosyle in order to centralize the iPad management in the school and streamline the day to day operations of their Apple deployment, leveraging learning experiences with the iPad devices.

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The MDM on the Road series tells the stories of teachers and IT professionals that are transforming learning with iPads and our Mobile Device Management (MDM) designed for Education. This MDM on the Road episode was filmed on the iPhone Xs Max and iPad Pro and edited with Final Cut Pro.

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Video Transcript:

Fredy Padovan, Chief Inspiration Officer for Mosyle: This episode on the road takes us to California and Feaster Charter School in San Diego. Feaster Charter School has been providing innovative curriculum and academic programs in the areas of STEM, STEAM, and VAPA, which have earned them honors including Partnership for 21st Century School’s P21 Designation and Apple Distinguished School. At the center of their digital initiatives is the iPad, which allows them to offer a variety of blended learning experiences that provide teachers with real-time data to ensure students are successful.

Mark Fraser, 8th Grade STEM Teacher: Feaster as a charter school has always had a focus on technology - it’s one of the reasons I’ve stayed here as long as I have. They are always trying to be on the cutting edge in bringing in the best technology that our students can utilize to succeed. The possibilities, the apps, the programs, you can go so many directions with it.

I think what technology has done for me is the ability to organize work in a way that is effective for me to track their progress. I love it, I would never go back to the world of pen and paper as a teacher.

Ruben Samaniego, 4th Grade Dual Immersion Teacher: The great thing about technology is that students have the ability to start learning to recognize patterns with technology and understanding how a program works, but also they start to understand how to manipulate information and make something out of it.

Fredy Padovan, Chief Inspiration Officer for Mosyle: The commitment to professional learning and a dedicated team that supports instructional technology allows teachers to be fearless with technology integration.

Stephanie Lopez, 2nd Grade VAPA Teacher: I love the professional development here. I feel like I have a lot of support. We are always having professional developments on how we can make education better and how we can make sure that the students are on task and keeping them accountable for the things they need to accomplish, using the iPad and using technology.

Jenna Schnelle, 1st Grade STEM Teacher: I love having the iPads in my room because I started when I was in college, The University of Oklahoma, we did start with an iPad program so it was something I was using already in college, I was familiar with it.

But, when I got to Feaster there was a really big push on technology and I think that having those iPads has also pushed me as an educator because I’m now going home and researching the different ways like coding programs, what apps we can use, and I’m learning how to write my own code too or using the Ozobots to draw out different ways to make the robot go or turn.

It’s kind of pushed me to think outside the box and kind of have different opportunities for the kids so having the iPads and having that one-to-one has a really allowed them to expand their learning and it’s allowed me to expand mine as well.

Fredy Padovan, Chief Inspiration Officer for Mosyle: One of the features used daily at Feaster is AirPlay, whether it’s from their iPads or Mac laptops it’s clear to see why it is such an important part of the instructional day.

Stephanie Lopez, 2nd Grade VAPA Teacher: I love Airplay, I think it’s a great tool for teachers, because when you have something on Airplay the kids can all have access to it and see it in a bigger picture versus if I were just to turn the iPad around and show each and every individual kid. It’s also really great for Airplay because if they are doing something on their iPad and I really enjoy what they are doing, I can put them on Airplay and they have the control and they can show all of the work that they are doing and feel really proud of that and that’s really important.

Fredy Padovan, Chief Inspiration Officer for Mosyle: Feaster Charter School has found a great partner with Mosyle in order to centralize the management of their Apple devices and streamline the day to day operations of their deployment.

Roel Mislan, Technology Director/Mindlabs Teacher: Mosyle is a great support for helping us redirect the student’s ingenuity from things they shouldn’t be focusing on to things they should be focusing on and so the product itself has been great.

We have a lot more leverage than we have had in the past, particularly with technology, so being able to deploy the MDM so that we can really meet the needs of the students practically on demand has been a huge, huge blessing for getting the students learning.

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