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Teacher autonomy is up with Apple and Mosyle in this district

In this episode of MDM on the Road, we travel to the Lone Star state to see how Decatur Independent School District is using iPads in the classroom. The school district introduced Apple technology to its students almost 20 years ago, and since then has been using the technology to take student success to a whole new level.

The blended learning experiences that iPads create for students means that teachers can find new ways of teaching complex subjects. And with the time they save using Mosyle Manager as their MDM solution, teachers can focus on what’s most important – helping their students.

For the Decatur Independent School District, Mosyle Manager has helped unlock a whole new way of empowering students, and teachers. With the help of Mosyle Manager, the technology team from Decatur ISD have cut down their computer prep time from one month to just one week. You can watch the new episode by clicking on the link below. Let us know what you think on social media using #MDMontheRoad!

The MDM on the Road series tells the stories of teachers and IT professionals that are transforming learning with iPads and our Mobile Device Management (MDM) designed for Education. This MDM on the Road episode was filmed on the iPhone Xs Max and iPad Pro and edited with Final Cut Pro X.

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Video Transcript:

Fredy Padovan - Chief Inspiration Officer of Mosyle: We are back on the road heading to the Lone Star state to learn about the district wide Mac and iPad deployment of Decatur Independent School District. For over two decades Decatur ISD has been a champion of Apple technologies, today they deploy Shared iPads in the elementary school and all teachers as well as high school students are provided a MacBook Air. Meaningful professional learning opportunities for teachers serve as the catalyst for deeper integration of Apple technologies in the classroom.

Troy Bagwell, Director of Technology - Decatur Independent School District: Technology needs to provide teachers and students with greater access to information and tools that we didn’t have in our schooling when we were growing up and being able to provide those tools means that we can have a richer experience in the classroom and a more engaging experience for our students. The Apple hardware and platform has provided us with a real stable environment, and a real dependable environment, along with an ease of use that we don’t see in other products. So, when we go to use these in the classroom and in instructional settings we know that the equipment is going to work, we know that we can depend on that equipment to be there and be ready for us.

Stephanie Quarles, Director of Instructional Technology - Decatur Independent School District:When I walk around now and walk in and out of classrooms I see teachers and students engaged in so many more meaningful ways. It has been great seeing the things that my teachers and students have come up with. I’m seeing Skype interviews with experts and great engaging PBLs. I think that the technology has enabled our teachers to look at their lessons in a different way and plan lessons in a different way and our students are engaged in a completely different way then they were before. I feel like we have very compliant students who are able to learn through traditional methods but now I feel like the technology has really empowered our teachers and our students but mostly my teachers and that’s the thing that’s been the greatest to see is that it’s so exciting to walk around now and see the lessons that our teachers are able to come up with, they are innately just so very creative and the technology has enabled them to think outside the box in the lessons they are creating. Their instruction is night and day now that they all have the devices in their hands and they are so comfortable with them now.

Troy Bagwell, Director of Technology - Decatur Independent School District: Mosyle has been, one again, a great way to empower our teachers. One thing that our teachers requested over the years - they want to be able to do some things themselves. Teachers want to be independent and I think they get frustrated when they have to rely on resources and people outside of their classroom because when they are in that instructional environment they want to be able to move into their engaging instruction and really not have an interruption to a flow, an instructional flow. So, being able to put that right in their hands is an amazing resources for us and I think Mosyle has done a great job at providing that for us.

Donna McKee, Computer Technician / Tech Diva - Decatur Independent School District:I cannot imagine dishing out 1,100 laptops without Mosyle or managing the 300 iMacs that we have on campuses without it, the time is not there. We are testing this week and next week, in the past I’ve had to go around and install the application by hand or the STAAR app, in system preferences you have to manually go into accessibility to allow it to run, Mosyle did all that for me and I didn’t have to touch them by hand, I just went over and touched a few and was like cool, it’s working, I know that if it’s working on one it’s probably working on the rest of them. Where it took me a whole month to get those computers ready I was done in a week.

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