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Cupertino Union School District

Cupertino Union School District

How Mosyle helps this school district with iPad deployment

The third stop of MDM on the Road showcases the large-scale iPad deployment in the birthplace of iPad: Cupertino Union School District, in California. Our Chief Inspiration Officer, Fredy Padovan (@EDjuvinator), presents how the educational institution is using Mosyle Manager MDM and ScreenGuide Parental Control App to manage students devices.

The school district moved over a staggering 19,000 elementary and middle school students and their devices from their previous mobile device management software solution. The District IT Help Desk Supervisor, Sean O’Hayer, shares how our MDM platform helps them everyday.

The District Instructional Technology Coordinator, Erin Lindsey, tells the importance of assistive tools that help teachers manage their classes, especially with the integration with Apple Classroom App.

The Instructional Technology Specialist, Vida Behzadi, highlights in our Between the Scenes video how the Mosyle Customer Success Team helped during the iPad deployment and also in the daily routine.

The MDM on the Road series tells the stories of teachers and IT professionals that are transforming learning with iPads and our Mobile Device Management (MDM) designed for Education. All MDM on the Road episodes are filmed on iPhone X and edited with Final Cut Pro.

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Video Transcription

Our next episode on the road takes us to the birthplace of the iPad and Apple’s headquarters: Cupertino, California.

This special place is also home to Cupertino Union School District which serves over 19,000 elementary and middle school students and it’s been seen great success trusting Mosyle to manage their 1:1 iPad learning initiative.

Sean O’Hayer, Supervisor - District IT Help Desk: Our greatest accomplishment using Mosyle as our management platform was seamlessly getting about 19,000 students and their iPads.

We had about 12,000 iPads we want to started and moved over from our previous MDM: all the apps, all the licenses, everything moved over really well. Any fears of anyone of our staffs and students had were quelled by the Customer Service that Mosyle offers us during the entire process.

Mosyle helps to empower our district by giving the students and teachers something that is easy to use, that is accessible, and also helps us everyday in our learning environment.

Erin Lindsey, Coordinator - District Instructional Technology: I believe the most important function of my role is to help empower teachers, students and staff members with their use of technology.

We think of technology as a tool that can help us be more efficient, and more accurate in the work that we do. And gets us better able to gather information about students’ learning and hopefully make students more successful in the classroom.

Mosyle helps teachers manage their classroom by proving them assistive tools that allow teachers to monitor and to determine what a student is doing on his/her device. For example, the pairing of Mosyle and Apple Classroom has been very beneficial and it helps to ease some of those anxieties teacher might have about what students are doing on their device. It’s kind of giving them multiple eyes and windows, something that the teacher love to have.

Sean O’Hayer, Supervisor - District IT Help Desk: ScreenGuide is playing a part of our district right now. We give to parents the opportunity to control their child’s device when they are not on campus.

Reactions from families using ScreenGuide so far have been positive and it is still something we are still learning to integrate with our 1:1 program. We have our own restrictions that are in place when they are at school and then when the student goes home, the parent decides to have a little more control, maybe Time-Out the iPad or restrict certain things. ScreenGuide does give them the opportunity to do so.

Mosyle has worked with our district through every step of this process - from when we left our previous MDM to any of the issues that come up, be it a bug and of course feedback. Whenever we had an idea of something that we believe should exist in Mosyle, they were quick.

They usually added it within a few week - sometimes days. And they have just been in every step of the process from the Customer Service through the CIOs. Everyone has been fantastic!

Between the Scenes

There is so much we can learn from the schools on the road and not everything can fit in our episodes. Between the Scenes will give you a chance to hear more from our featured schools and offers additional insights into how Mosyle supports their education technology initiatives.

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