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Ala Wai Elementary School

Ala Wai Elementary School

This Hawaiian school introduces shared iPads in classrooms

In our fifth episode this season of MDM on the Road, we go to Oahu in the Hawaiian Islands, where our very own Fredy Padovan VP of Education visits Ala Wai Elementary School. With a great passion to motivate the students, this K-5 public school constantly invests in new ways to prepare their students for the real world, where technology literacy is important, all with the use of Apple device’s like the iPad.

The faculty and technology staff used the power of technology, with the combination of MDM tools to deploy the iPads in their shared classroom cart and classroom shared models in the easiest way. It allows teachers to get the most out of the EdTech in their station-rotation, of the iPads.

The MDM on the Road series tells the stories of teachers and IT professionals that are transforming learning with iPads and our Mobile Device Management (MDM) designed for Education. This MDM on the Road episode was filmed on the iPhone Xs Max and iPad Pro and edited with Final Cut Pro.

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Video Transcript:

Fredy Padovan - Chief Inspiration Officer of Mosyle: This episode on the road takes us to Oahu in the Hawaiian Islands and to Ala Wai Elementary School in Honolulu. This thriving K-5 public school is a welcoming community with diverse cultures and actively engages its learners with a variety of tools to differentiate instruction across the curriculum. The school leadership is committed to empowering teachers to be passionate about their roles which in turn motivates students to be passionate about their learning.

Michele Debusca - Principal, Ala Wai Elementary School: I feel so blessed to be here at Ala Wai Elementary school, because we have such a fabulous faculty and staff. People are very committed and dedicated and caring about the children here. We want our teachers to have their own passion and joy in the work that they do, and their passion and joy is derived from being able to work with children, and when a teacher is passionate and happy with what they’re doing, their children are passionate and happy, and that’s been our conversations and that's been our focus for our school is really wanting everyone enjoying what they’re doing, bring their best efforts forward, find their passion and like our vision says, ‘dream big and make it happen’.

Fredy Padovan - Chief Inspiration Officer of Mosyle: The teachers expertly leverage all of the technology tools provided and iPad is one of the tools utilized to create varied learning experiences in a station-rotation model.

Kelli-Anne Kuroda - Kindergarten, Ala Wai Elementary School: I think technology has helped in a lot of ways, as far as the scales for kindergartners. They’re so used to using iPhones and iPads, they’re able to navigate with ease, just the apps - there’s just so many apps out there that are beneficial, they can learn from home, we can’t always be there, so it’s almost like an extension of what they’re learning in class. Having the technology accessible for the teachers has been such a help, it’s been such a great time saver. It really helps us to organize, not just the groups, but helps us to organize what to do next, what's our next step, what can we expect out of the students, trends that are going on. So, the apps we use, it gives us good information that is in real time, which is very important.

Fredy Padovan - Chief Inspiration Officer of Mosyle: Leveraging government programs Ala Wai is able to grow their technology and use digital platforms to collect data that measures student growth and determine gaps.

Sara King - Title I Coordinator, Ala Wai Elementary School: Since we’re a Title I school, we get Title I funding. So we try to use a portion of the Title I funding to ensure that students have access to technology. We’re preparing them for the future, where they’ll have to be technology literate. Another portion of my role is also collecting data for the school and making data usable and accessible for our teachers. We use all that data to see what skills we need to target, how are we going to target, and we monitor them through the data to make sure if they’re actually making gains.

Fredy Padovan - Chief Inspiration Officer of Mosyle: Ala Wai Elementary has been able to manage their Apple devices easily and efficiently while keeping their costs down with Mosyle.

Eric Kerr - Technology Coordinator, Ala Wai Elementary School: For us, since we’re a really small school, it’s mostly me doing the management and I find it very useful to be able to push out an app. We actually have two setups, one is cart based, as well as the classroom, which is also a shared model. But, the difference between the cart and the classrooms, is each teacher has an Apple ID, that they’re free to download their apps that the teachers think they pertain to their project or what they need.

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