SSO and Mac Login Window Authentication beta is now available
Beta is now available

The most intuitive way to configure and authenticate users on Mac and iPad devices in K-12 institutions

Empower students and teachers with a single unified login for Apple devices with Mosyle's Single Sign-On (SSO). Enjoy unique features and authentication capabilities so users can access all their tools to further improve the learning experience.


Set up Single Sign-On (SSO) for Mosyle's iOS and macOS apps to strengthen security and increase ease-of-use

For learning with creativity and empowerment, easy, simple, and intuitive tools need to be in students' hands. In addition to user authentication and device provisioning, Mosyle's Single Sign-On solution empowers students with an easy way to have all the tools, apps, software, and configurations needed with direct access through Mosyle's Self-Service app (both iOS and macOS) and Login Screen Window on Mac computers.

With Mosyle's Self-Service, K-12 schools are able to build an app catalog for students and teachers to install the applications that can leverage their creativity when using Apple devices in Education and prevent it from downloading apps that could harm the security of the iOS and macOS devices.

Enhanced Mac Login Screen Window bringing Single Sign-On (SSO) and AD functionality, no binding required

Mosyle Auth allows you to set up user accounts and link them to modern authentication using identity providers. Once the Mac boots up, students and teachers just need to log into their identity service and all configuration profiles will be automatically installed, ensuring they will have access to all their school settings and policies as soon as they turn on the Mac for the first time.

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Apple School Manager with Mosyle's SSO and Auth solutions provide the smoothest experience to easily deploy devices and accounts at scale

Combine Mosyle's SSO and Auth solution to the federated authentication for linking Apple School Manager to Microsoft Azure Active Directory (AD) to provide the easiest experience for students and teachers by leveraging their AD user names and passwords as Managed Apple IDs. With one single credential, students and teachers can assign their Apple devices, sign up to the iPad and access iCloud drive.


Step 1

Give your student a brand-new Mac computer in the box


Step 2

Ask them to log in to their Managed Apple ID account


Step 3

Mosyle installs trusted apps and set the proper configurations


Step 4

Done – the lightest touch deployment and provisioning

Eliminate the need to have more than one login

All the tools you use under a secure framework – Mosyle's Single Sign-On (SSO) solutions will enhance security and leverage productivity, by optimizing the way students and teachers access educational applications, resources and content, while reducing the time of user provision.

Single Sign-On Solution Pricing & Plan Single Sign-On for Web panelIncluded on the Premium Plan Single Sign-On for Mosyle's iOS appIncluded on the Premium Plan Single Sign-On for Mosyle's macOs appIncluded on the Premium Plan Mosyle Auth for Mac Login WindowAvailable as an Add-On*

*In the beta stage, no charges will be made to the account. Pricing for Mosyle Auth will be announced during the beta period – however, you can already anticipate the most cost-effective identity management solution on the market.

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