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The only iPadOS hardening solution designed

Exclusively for K-12

Education is on our blood and we always believed that schools and districts should be able to use solutions designed especially for them. This is even more important for cybersecurity. Cybersecurity is a growing concern for every sector, but the recent explosion in attacks targeting K-12 schools has introduced a brand-new challenge for IT Admins. On top of making sure devices used by students and teachers are prepared for all use cases, they must now ensure the devices are also protected.

Device Scout is the first and only tool among any OS to assess devices used in K-12 against a set of security configuration rules specially designed by Mosyle's Security Research team in order to achieve the ideal balance of protection and usage in the education environment.

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Fully Automated

Device Assessment

Device Scout for iPadOS & iOS will work for your school 24/7 to automatically check all your devices against all enabled security controls, giving you a real-time visualization of your devices regardless of how many you have in your school or district.

With that, you will always have immediate access to the status of each device in general and per security control. Also, automated logs are generated and saved when a device loses compliance or becomes compliant with each control, allowing schools to have a thorough understanding of the history of each device in case of an incident.

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Leverage Mosyle Manager iPadOS & iOS Benchmark

Made just for K-12 schools

For assessing and hardening a device, it’s paramount that the guidelines are designed from scratch taking in consideration only the unique deployment models and use cases of Apple devices in K-12. This is the only way to achieve high levels of protection and while leveraging the full potential of the iPad for K-12, which makes the adoption of any security benchmark designed for the corporate or government sectors inappropriate for schools.

But what benchmark to use if there’s none designed for schools? When trying to answer that question, we realized that creating the first iPadOS & iOS Benchmark for K-12 was critical so we engaged our Security Research team and built the first and only Security Benchmark to protect endpoints used in K-12 so we can start to better protect our students and teachers.

Apply auto-patching to:
All current and future devices (Recommended)
Specific devices

What's the Point of Checking if you Can't Fix It?

Device Scout also Remediates

Identifying that a device is out of compliance is only halfway to achieving compliance, especially when IT Admins don't have immediate physical access to the device. Device Scout also delivers remediation functionality, bringing devices out of compliance to a compliant status automatically. No action is needed by IT Admins to remediate several controls for non-compliant devices.

From checking to remediating, our automated flows completely handle iPadOS Hardening & Compliance for your school and district with minimal work from your IT team.

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Show that devices are Compliant with

One-Click Reports

Parents, the School Board, the Principal or even auditors expect that school- owned devices are leveraging the best recommendations in terms of security configurations but showcasing that is never easy considering a large number of devices in use daily and the constant changes on each device.

With that in mind, Device Scout allows for a quick export of reports to show the compliance status of each device and logs, allowing IT teams to easily share information that will make device compliance status accessible for all stakeholders.