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New Mosyle Manager for macOS IT Insights

New Mosyle Manager for macOS

Mosyle Manager device management - Featuring support for macOS devices.

Flipboard App Guide


Select themes and browse by giving likes to content using Flipboard app

Popplet App Guide


Improve students ability to organize ideas and concepts through virtual layouts

How MDM tools help teachers IT Insights

How MDM tools help teachers

5 reasons why an MDM solution is an essential tool for educators in the 21st century.

How to plan a smooth MDM migration IT Insights

How to plan a smooth MDM migration

Switching the Mobile Device Management provider will be easier by building a strong plan based on these 3 steps!

Haiku Deck App Guide

Haiku Deck

Encourage students to produce creative presentations with mobile optimized templates

iWork App Guide


Check out this activity using the three Apple apps to improve learning

Keynote App Guide


Develop skills for presentations and speaking in public using Keynote

Pages App Guide


Create school newsletters and encourage collaborative writing with your students

Numbers App Guide


Develop data visualization skills and teach scientific method

Issues Easy to Solve with an MDM IT Insights

Issues Easy to Solve with an MDM

Learn about how easy it is to solve critical issues using an MDM solution built 100% for Education.

Tiny Tap App Guide

Tiny Tap

Use Tiny Tap to empower students to create and play their own interactive games

Adobe Spark App Guide

Adobe Spark

Students can produce short videos and understand traditional storytelling

Identifying Learning Goals Edtech Leadership

Identifying Learning Goals

Why Learning Goals are Essential when Using iPads in the Classroom

Skitch App Guide


Students are able to record screencasts and add notes using Skitch

GarageBand App Guide


Encourage students to compose music for recitations and poetry presentations

3 Best Practices for Migrating MDM IT Insights

3 Best Practices for Migrating MDM

Check out these 3 tips to make your MDM migration a breeze!

Tellagami App Guide


Encourage students to create their own character and story using Tellagami

iMovie App Guide


Encourage your students to be creative and develop skills in video production

Swift Playgrounds App Guide

Swift Playgrounds

Coding teaches skills such as how to solve problems and make an impact using technology

Google Earth App Guide

Google Earth

Explore anywhere in the world using Google Earth

Doceri App Guide


Create whiteboard videos and encourage students to collaborate

Shifting Your Mindset Edtech Leadership

Shifting Your Mindset

Adapting your current teaching strategies doesn't need to be a pain.

Book Creator App Guide

Book Creator

Produce ebooks with videos, images and sounds using Book Creator application

Socrative App Guide


Create quizzes and polls to formatively asses with the Socrative App.

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