Can you have two Apple IDs on one iPad or iPhone device?

Can you have two Apple IDs on one iPad or iPhone device?

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One of the most commonly asked questions we receive here at Mosyle is about how many Managed Apple IDs your school is allowed on Apple devices such as iPhones or iPad devices. With our new FAQ sessions, we hope to answer questions such as this and hope that it helps you with your Mosyle Manager and Apple School Manager experience!

In this Q&A article, we’ll go over the answer to how many Apple IDs you can have on one device, what User Enrollment is, how to use Apple Shared iPads and how to create a Managed Apple ID.

Can you have two Apple IDs on one iPad or iPhone?

Yes, your school is able to have two Apple IDs for one iPhone or iPad device for your students or teachers! This will be possible when you enroll your iPhone or iPad device using User Enrollment.

However, if you are using Apple Shared iPads, it is not possible to have two Apple IDs at the same time logged into the iPad device. Though you cannot have two Apple IDs on one iPad device using this method, it is possible for more than one user to use the same device.

What is User Enrollment?

User Enrollment is Apple’s enrollment method to ensure privacy and security for students and teachers in the classroom. This method is primarily used for Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) programs for those bringing Apple devices from home, and helps protect your school’s data and allows personal data to be protected from IT admins.

With User Enrollment, IT teams are only offered a set number of configurations that are associated with the student or teacher instead of the device, so that IT is only allowed to manage school-related applications and information.

User Enrollment is available for devices running iOS 13, iPadOS and macOS Catalina or higher. Learn more about User Enrollment here.

What are Apple Shared iPads?

Apple Shared iPads allow multiple users that have a Managed Apple ID in your school to log into the same iPad device while also keeping their data separate and private. This is useful for students who need to share iPad devices during the school day. To enroll iPad devices as shared devices in Mosyle Manager, you can go through Apple Shared iPad or Mosyle Shared. Please note that Apple Shared iPad mode requires iPad devices to be enrolled in your Apple School Manager account.

The iPad devices used in Apple Shared iPads need to meet the following requirements:

- Mosyle Shared Tablets Apple Shared Tablets
iOS Version iOS 8 or Later iOS 9.3 or Later
Supervised iPads Recommended Required
iPads enrolled in DEP Recommended Required
ASM Account Optional Required
User Authentication Mosyle QR/Access Code Managed Apple ID
iPad Version No Requirements iPads Air 2, Pro, Mini 4
iCloud Data Sync
Bluetooth Enabled
Internet Connection

To learn how to create Shared Carts within Mosyle Manager, take a look at our Getting Started guide.

How do I create a Managed Apple ID?

Creating Managed Apple IDs is a quick and easy process that can be done in bulk for students and teachers through the Apple School Manager portal.

To create a Managed Apple ID:

Please note: A Managed Apple ID should be different from a student or teacher’s personal email address to help avoid confusion.

Your Managed Apple IDs are now set up! Read more about how using Managed Apple IDs can help your school’s deployment here.

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