Release Notes: September, 2018

Release Notes: September, 2018

Mosyle Team
written by Mosyle Team

During September, Apple announced its new operating systems iOS 12, macOS 10.14 Mojave and tvOS 12. Our mobile device management (MDM) solution, Mosyle Manager, has been ready to go from day zero. To check out all of the new device management capabilities made available with the new OS versions, log in to your Mosyle account and visit our Help Center.

Network profile

Now you can configure the settings of your Ethernet Network by creating the Network management profile and applying it to the devices. You are able to select the type of network interface as well as choosing the protocols that will be supported on the target network. You can also upload the Trusted Certificates files and add the Trusted Server Certificate Names, streamlining even more of your deployment.

Remove profiles not managed by Mosyle in Bulk Operations

Remove all of the management profiles that were not installed through Mosyle Manager in the Bulk Operations tab. This is a great option if you’ve applied many management profiles using Apple Configurator 2 and want to reorganize the assets and apply the profiles using the MDM solution.

Add Customized Printers to the Self-Service

Allow users to choose the printers by adding the customized printers installation in the Self-Service area within the Mosyle Manager app. When creating the Custom Configuration within the Printer profile, make sure you check the “Add to Self-service” option.

New Catalog of Customized Printers Drivers

Now all of your customized printers drivers will be saved within Mosyle Manager so you can search for them when installing a new printer. When creating the new Printer profile, click “Add Printer” and configure the new profile. In the step of selecting the New Driver (PKG), you will be able to choose any PKG file you’ve already added to Mosyle Manager. You are also able to set Advanced options to custom configuration printers.

Personalize Custom Command Icon

Upload a personalized icon when creating the Custom Command to apply to the Mac devices. When creating the Custom Command, click the “+” icon from the list and upload the icon you would like to add.

Sync school data at the District Level

Now you can sync data right from the school’s Apple School Manager account directly at the District Level within the Mosyle Manager dashboard.

Reinstall Mosyle Manager app

You can reinstall the Mosyle Manager app into Apple devices both in Bulk Operations or individually.

Re-run Scripts in the Device Info area

Now you can re-run scripts and custom commands to specific devices in the Device Info area. Select the device in the Device Info tab and re-run the script easily.

Add variables to Login Window Banner on macOS

Personalize the Login Window Banner, containing variables such as current device name, student’s full name, User ID, or even the Managed Apple ID. When creating or editing the Login Window profile, select the variables available that will be displayed above the login prompt.

Configure GPS service according to user type

Navigate to the Preferences tab to set up GPS service according to the user type. You are able to configure it so the MDM solution provides you with the information about the devices location of limbo devices, shared devices, students devices, teachers devices and/or administrators devices.

Apply profiles to current and future Teachers and Staff

Select the option “Current and future Teachers and staff” when creating a new management profile within Mosyle Manager. This option is available when creating any management profile.

Interface improvements

We keep usability in mind and leveraging your experience by improving the search filter on the management profiles, allowing you to personalize the path to the Dock, providing new app selection within Install app and giving feedback during file uploads.

MDM protocol extended with self-developed tools for the perfect Mac management

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