What’s new with Mosyle Manager, November 2019

What’s new with Mosyle Manager, November 2019

Mosyle Team
written by Mosyle Team

There are many new features available in Mosyle Manager, as well as enhancements to tools that are currently available for your K-12 school. With our november 2019 release notes, we’ve provided you with all the latest updates to help you deploy and manage your Apple devices for the new year. Here’s what we’ve launched this month:

Aruba ClearPass Integration with Mosyle

Mosyle tells Aruba ClearPass server about the device’s information, so you can leverage MDM controls and access security for mobile deployments through the network. Integrating ClearPass allows for network visibility and workflow automation and security.

Important note: If your school is interested in Aruba ClearPass, have your IT team contact us in order to get assistance on setting up the integration. Aruba ClearPass is available for all Mosyle Manager Premium accounts with no additional cost.

Mosyle Beta

Your school can now choose to join the Mosyle Beta program, which includes exclusive features available for your team to test before the official release of the device management capabilities. You will be able to select the devices that will be enrolled on Mosyle Beta, creating a testing environment for your K-12 school.

New Mosyle Mac Agent capabilities (6.1 beta)

Mosyle Manager has further optimized Mac Agent. Check out all the new features available on the new application:

A better way for managing Apple devices in your school

Save countless hours of IT effort while empowering teachers to manage iPad, Mac, and Apple TV devices in the classroom.

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