Release Notes, May 2019

Release Notes, May 2019

Mosyle Team
written by Mosyle Team

Release Notes is our update that highlights the new features of Mosyle Manager as well as recent product improvements we’ve made to help you manage Apple devices in your schools and/or district. Here's what we launched in May 2019.

Pre-assign Devices to Carts using spreadsheets

Now you can pre-assign the devices to the carts using spreadsheet files. Navigate to My School and click Assign Devices. In the file, add the serial number and the name of the cart.

View the profiles assigned to criteria-specific groups of devices

Now you can view all the management profiles assigned to the criteria-specific groups of devices. To view the information, navigate to Management > Bulk Operations and click Dynamic Group. Next, select the Dynamic Group and click View Assigned Profiles.

Alerts and Custom Alerts at District Level

Admins can now configure alerts and custom alerts at the District Level.

Import classes without assigned courses from ASM

Now you are able to import data about classes without assigned courses from your Apple School Manager account.

Auto-sync passwords on Mosyle Auth when using On-Premises Active Directory

Now you can select to auto-sync the password on Mosyle Auth when using On-Premises Active Directory as the Identity Service. To configure this option, just click the checkbox next to this option when configuring the Single Sign-On profile.

Revoke licenses on App Center

Now you’re able to revoke licenses in bulk in the App Center area. Navigate to Management > App Center > select the applications and click “Revoke licenses”.

Auto-remove printers when a recipient or printers are removed from the list

Now you can choose to automatically remove the printer from the devices when a recipient or printers are removed from the list. To configure this, navigate to Management > click on Printers > and select the checkbox “Auto-remove printers when a recipient or the printers are removed from the list” when creating or editing the Printers profile.

Block all Apple TVs on TV Remote for iOS

Now you are able to block all the Apple TV connections on the TV Remote application for iOS. Just select this option when configuring the management profile. Important note: the Apple TVs will still be available through the Control Panel.

Chrome Settings profile on Chrome Management for macOS

Now you can configure Google Chrome settings using Default Browser, Bookmarks, Geolocation Permissions, Safe Browsing, etc. To do this, navigate to Management > Chrome Management > Add New Profile and select New Chrome Settings profile.

New variables available in Management profiles

Now you can use new variables in different management profiles available in Mosyle Manager.

New Tickets alerts

Now you'll receive an alert on the Mosyle dashboard when you have new answers for your support tickets.

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