Release Notes: May, 2018

Release Notes: May, 2018

Mosyle Team
written by Mosyle Team

Release Notes is our monthly update that highlights the new features of Mosyle Manager as well as recent product improvements we’ve made to help you manage Apple devices in your schools and/or district. Here's what we launched in May 2018!

Allow teachers to request apps using Mosyle’s Class Manager

Now teachers can request applications through the Mosyle’s Class Manager app! The leaders are able to allow this feature by navigating to the Preferences tab. The teachers can choose the applications within the Mosyle’s Class Manager app and they will be displayed to the leaders in the Mosyle’s Class Manager Dashboard.

This capability makes it easier to install the apps to the students devices as well as streamline the workflows of educators requests for applications. This feature is available for the Mosyle Manager Premium Plan.

Making device management easier for Teachers

Do not require password when 1:1 device is assigned to teacher

By default, the Mosyle Manager app will always require a password from teachers when they open our application on their devices. Now you can disable the password requirement by navigating to the Preferences area of Mosyle Manager dashboard. In this area, uncheck the box “Ask for password when 1:1 device assigned to teacher”.

Send welcome e-mail to new teachers

Presenting the new device management tool for teachers! It is essential! So we added a new parameter to help you in this task. By setting up this parameter, the new teachers users have imported from Apple School Manager or Active Directory will automatically receive a welcome e-mail from Mosyle Manager.

Deployment Workflow

Shared DEP devices workflow improvements

We optimized the workflow for deploying Shared DEP devices in your school using Mosyle Manager MDM! Now you can create the shared device group right away when creating the Shared Device DEP profile. When deploying Shared iPad devices, you can also select the maximum number of users per shared device.

New features and improvements for running scripts on Mac

Single Shot of Commands and Scripts

We improved even more of our Bulk Operations area by launching the Single Shot of Commands and Scripts for macOS! Now you are able to send scripts to macOS devices in volume by navigating to the Bulk Operations area > Scripts. Important note: it’s highly recommended to test the scripts before sending the command to a large amount of Macs!

Show Custom Commands on the My Apps tab

When creating the Custom Commands profile, select this option for the Custom Command to be displayed on the My Apps tab within the Self Service area.

Run Custom Command periodically

Now you can schedule the Custom Command to run periodically.

New features for managing Mac computers

Edit driver’s Printer on macOS

Now Mac admins are able to edit the driver’s printer manually by installing printer using a specific printer driver. Navigate to the Printer management profile to edit this configuration.

New System Migration Profile

Now you can create a Windows Custom Migration management profile and customize the paths configuration for migrating from Windows.

New Enterprise Connect Profile

If your school uses AD Enterprise Connect, now you are able to configure the integration with the MDM by creating this management profile.

Leverage mobile device management using criteria-specific groups of devices

Assign management profiles to criteria-specific groups of devices

We keep improving the capabilities to leverage the way you utilize the criteria-specific groups of devices feature in your school, district or university. Now you are able to assign any Management Profile to a criteria-specific group of devices when creating the profile.

New criteria for the criteria-specific groups of devices: Last beat date

In May 2018, we also launched a new criteria for the criteria-specific groups of devices! Now leaders can select the Last beat date as a criteria for creating a group of devices.

Create new Custom Command criteria in the criteria-specific groups of devices area

Now you are able to create a new Custom Command criteria right away when you are creating a new criteria-specific groups of devices.

Other improvements

New alert: Expired push token

Now you can keep track of every enrolled device with the expired push token right away from the Alerts tab.

Edit user's photo

Now administrators can remove or upload a new user's photo. Select the user, click on the user’s picture and upload the new one.

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