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Release Notes: May, 2017

Release Notes: May, 2017

Mosyle Team
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Release Notes is our monthly update that highlights the new features of Mosyle Manager as well as recent product improvements we’ve made to help you manage Apple devices in your School and/or District. Here's what we launched in May, 2017!

What is new?

Introducing New Active Directory (AD) Bindings

Now Mosyle Manager offers new capabilities for the integration with Active Directory (AD/LDAP). We’re always improving our features to make deployment smoother, and now we provide even more flexibly for setting up your AD integration.

Active Directory has many ways of organizing data, therefore it’s necessary to have options when mapping and/or binding attributes and variables. This process can be challenging, so we’ve created the most intuitive interface to simplify and offer more flexibility to Active Directory Integration.

After enabling the structure sync in the Active Directory integration, the Admin can enter any attribute to import and bind Students, Teachers, Grade Levels and Class Periods.

Mosyle Manager MDM - Introducing New Active Directory (AD) Bindings Mosyle Manager MDM - Introducing New Active Directory (AD) Bindings Mosyle Manager MDM - Introducing New Active Directory (AD) Bindings

Absent Students & Exception Profiles

This is a great feature to streamline device management, especially in BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) environments! Now Admin users can select a global list of Absent Students and choose MDM commands and profiles to be disabled during their absence.

Admin users can also create and schedule Exception Profiles to disable MDM commands during certain dates and times, such as Holidays, Vacations or other special dates.

Mosyle Manager MDM - Absent Students & Exception Profiles

New App Center BETA

We’ve developed the most intuitive interface to keep track of every detail about your applications and manage the delivery and installation of apps in your School or District.

The App Center provides access to information about App Installation Profiles & Installation Status. In this area, we simplify workflows to make it easier to manage, update and remove apps. The App Center is in Beta and still under development - we’ll continuously update it with new features and make performance improvements over the next updates.

The App Center dashboard info is available for all Mosyle Manager users. However, Premium users can apply bulk app commands, such as update or remove apps from specific devices or from the entire iPad and/or Mac fleet.

Mosyle Manager MDM - New App Center Beta Mosyle Manager MDM - New App Center Beta

View Details in Every Management Profile

Check out important info about each Management Profile. Now it’s possible to view the progress of the installation or removal of each profile on the devices. We’ve made it easier to identify some possible issues when applying specific Management Profiles. Go to the Management Profiles > select the profile > Click on View Details.

Mosyle Manager MDM - View Details in Every Management Profile

Clear Pending & Failed Commands

Now all Mosyle Manager users can clear commands sent to devices. Premium users are able to filter pending and failed commands by date, device(s), and command type.

It's important to keep in mind clearing pending and/or failed commands will directly impact device compliance. So, before clearing commands, be sure all troubleshooting steps have been completed to attempt to minimize the number of failed and pending commands.

You can check out these steps by downloading the guides about Pending Commands and Failed Commands within your dashboard account.

Mosyle Manager MDM - Clear Pending & Failed Commands

Bulk by Import

Now IT Admins can upload device information in the Bulk Operations area by uploading an .XLSX file. There are three different types of info that can be added in large-scale:

Mosyle Manager MDM - Bulk by Import

Other improvements

Automatically update apps

When creating an Install App profile within the Mosyle Manager platform, you are now able to select this option to automatically update the application in the school’s devices. Navigate to Install App > Add new profile > Show Advanced options > Update Apps.

New Profile Assignment Option: Current and future teachers/admins

Now Admins can select the “current and future teachers and/or admins” option for Profile Assignment. When selecting it, all the users you add in the future will be automatically assigned to the respective profile. When creating your management profile, select All current and future teachers/admins under the assignment options.

Profiles Status in Device Info Area

By accessing the Device Info area, now you can check out the status of each profile. That’s an easy way to view if the profile is installed, removed or pending. Go to Management > Device Info > Select the device > navigate to the Occurrences tab.

Home Layout

Since making some improvements to the Home Layout profile, we’ve received great feedback from our customers. We keep improving our interface to be simple, yet powerful for our users. We’ve made navigation even better with new Drag & Drop capabilities. Now it’s easier and faster to organize the layout of applications and folders on iPads for specific groups of students/devices.

Easy app selection

The interface to select applications is now more intuitive. In Management Profiles related to Apps, you can choose the App Source (App Store, VPP or Enterprise), in addition to choosing apps from any Install App Profiles you’ve created.

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