Release Notes, June 2019

Release Notes, June 2019

Mosyle Team
written by Mosyle Team

Release Notes is our update that highlights the new features of Mosyle Manager as well as recent product improvements we’ve made to help you manage Apple devices in your school and/or district. Here's what we’ve launched in June 2019.

Rename Devices profile

Now you are able to create a management profile for renaming the devices of your Apple fleet. You can choose the variables that will be applied to the devices in order to rename them. The great news is that you can select to apply this to pre-configure all current and future devices, further streamlining your deployment.

Install PKG via SMB

Now you can install packages on your Mac computers using the SMB protocol. All you need to do is enter the URL in which the package is hosted using the SMB protocol when creating the Install PKG management profile. Since SMB requires user authentication, you’ll need to enter the username and password. If you want to use this anonymously, you can use Guest user without password.

New criteria for Dynamic Groups

Now you are able to create Dynamic Groups based on the criteria of Device Enrollment (DEP) profile status.

New Apple Remote Desktop profile

You can now easily configure Apple Remote Desktop by navigating to the Management area and setting up the profile. Admins are able to allow Remote Management for all local users from the device or only specified local users from the device. You can also configure if the local users selected will have all the privileges, none of them or specific privileges. You can even select to show Remote Management status in menu bar as a menu extra.

Auto-sync password on Mosyle Auth when using Google, Microsoft, ADFS or LDAP

Now you can select to auto-sync the password on Mosyle Auth when using Google, Microsoft, ADFS or LDAP as the Identity Service. With this, you can configure to use the Identity Service password as the Local User password. You can set up how often the user will be requested to sign in to the Identity Service to keep the local password synchronized within this management profile. Each Identity Service provider, such as Google and Microsoft, has its own configurations related to this process.

Lock assignment on Mosyle Auth

Now you are able to configure lock assignment when using Mosyle Auth. When configuring the Single Sign-On management profile, check the box “Lock Assignment”. When selecting this option and the device is assigned to a user in Mosyle, they will not be allowed to login on the device assigned to a different user that has this configuration. By default, if the device is in limbo and a user signs in, the assignment will be changed in Mosyle. With this option checked, after this process, the assignment will be locked as well.

New option to prompt and require the macOS user to approve the MDM enrollment

Now administrators can configure the MDM solution to prompt and require the macOS user to approve the MDM enrollment if it is not user-approved. The MDM user approval is required for installing Kernel Extensions and also applying configurations available on the Privacy profile.

You can learn more about each feature on our Help Center! Log into your account and navigate to the Support tab.

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