Release Notes: June, 2018

Release Notes: June, 2018

Mosyle Team
written by Mosyle Team

Release Notes is our monthly update that highlights the new features of Mosyle Manager as well as recent product improvements we’ve made to help you manage Apple devices in your schools and/or district. Here's what we launched in June 2018!

Add categories to the Install App profiles

Now you are able to add multiple categories to the Install App profiles within the Mosyle Manager MDM. Utilize this new capability to group the applications with the same subject, theme and/or instructional goal.

By adding the category to this profile, you can filter the management profiles later, being able to optimize management of the educational content. The category will also be displayed for the users within the Self-Service area of the Mosyle Manager application, so they can easily find the apps according to each group.

Revoke VPP licenses on Bulk Operations

This new option on Bulk Operations is a great support when refreshing the Educational Technology tools in your school. Now you are able to revoke the licenses of applications and books that were installed using the VPP or ASM's Apps and Books.

Important note: use this option to streamline the process of reassigning the devices for a new academic-year. It's highly recommended to revoke the licenses of educational content before removing the MDM profile and wiping the devices to refresh and re-assign them to other users for the new school-year.

Filter and export responses of Custom Commands

We improved even more of the Custom Commands profile and now you are able to easily filter the responses of the scripts you ran on your Mac fleet.

By clicking "View Results" within this profile, you can filter the commands responses of all devices assigned to the profile, devices with response or devices without response. You can also search by serial number or by the script response.

After filtering — according to the information you are looking for, you are able to click “Export data” to obtain the report about the Custom Commands responses.

New options for time frame on criteria-specific groups of devices

Now you can configure the time frame operator of the criteria-specific groups of devices, so it will be applied on the devices according to a certain time frame.

When creating the criteria-specific groups of devices, select the operator and enter the time frame desired. For example, you are able to set a criteria for the Last Updated info for devices that was on 2 days ago.

The time frame operator is not only available for this specific mandatory criteria, but also for all the other criterias that you will create for the criteria-specific groups of devices.

Login Items on macOS

This new management profile allows you to configure items that will be open or authenticated at the login of the Mac devices. When creating the Login Items profile you are able to add the Apps that will be launched at the login. When doing the app selection, make sure to check the apps that will be hidden.

You are also able to add the path of files and folders that will be opened at the login. Authenticated and non-authenticated Network Mounts can also be configured in this profile by adding the protocol, host name and volume.

It’s also possible to hide the items from the users and allow them to keep items from opening.

Export Firmware Results

Now you can export the results provided both in the Command Status and Verify Password areas of the Firmware Password profile.

After creating this management profile you are able to see the command status and date delivered by the device by clicking on "View Details". Now you can click “Export data” right below the details provided within the platform, making it even more efficient to keep track of the information of the entire Mac fleet.

You can also export the results after verifying the Firmware Password, obtaining the report about the Firmware Password verification as well as the date verified.

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