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Release Notes: June, 2017

Release Notes: June, 2017

Mosyle Team
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Release Notes is our monthly update that highlights the new features of Mosyle Manager as well as recent product improvements we’ve made to help you manage Apple devices in your School and/or District. Here's what we launched in June, 2017!

What is new?

Introducing New Smart Filters

We’ve designed an easy way to filter and select users in Management Profiles. The new interface allows admins to filter students and teachers faster than ever. Filter users by location, grade level or class period before assigning the profile.

The new Smart Filter will help admin users who are responsible for large deployments in educational environments, with numerous sites. See how it works:

New Smart Filter

In addition, with the selection list you can immediately see the Grade Level where student(s) are assigned - helping you view and organize student data.

Meet the new Location-Specific Profiles

Now school’s leaders are able to select specific-location(s) for the Management Profiles and set Location Leader permission.

Location Leader Permission

That’s a great new feature for large-scale and District deployments with several locations. Now, when setting up your Management Profile(s), you can select one or more Locations and assign the profile to registered users/devices at the Location(s) chosen.

You can also define view-only permission to Location Leaders, preventing other Leaders from adding or removing recipients, or editing the profile.

Profile Scope Settings macOS only

Now it is possible to configure the Scope of Management Profiles in the macOS platform. This setting is very useful for schools with Shared Macs, that configure different profiles for students and teachers.

By default, management profiles are applied at the device level, regardless of the user. Now, by selecting the "User" Scope, the Management Profile will be applied at the user level and will only take effect when the user is logged in to the device.

New Management Profiles

SCEP Profile

The Simple Certificate Enrollment Protocol (SCEP) is a communication protocol that provides a networked front end to a private certificate authority (CA). Using this new profile in Mosyle Manager, school admins can configure settings to obtain certificates using the SCEP server.

VPN Profile

Now you can create a VPN profile to apply network configuration to your entire Apple device fleet. Any settings defined through Mosyle Manager cannot be modified by users, keeping your connection safe.

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