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Release Notes: July, 2017

Release Notes: July, 2017

Mosyle Team
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Release Notes is our monthly update that highlights the new features of Mosyle Manager as well as recent product improvements we’ve made to help you manage Apple devices in your School and/or District. Here's what we launched in July, 2017!

What is new?

Select Parameters for Users, E-mail and Class Periods

Now Admin users are able to edit the parameters synced with Mosyle Manager from Apple School Manager. This provides more flexibility and accuracy, allowing Administrators to sync the correct user IDs, email addresses and class period names.

With this new feature, you can select the parameter for the User ID, choosing from the Person Number, Person ID or Managed Apple ID Prefix. Important note: if the user does not have data for the selected identifier in Apple School Manager, by default the User ID in Mosyle Manager will reflect the Person Number from ASM.

It is also possible to customize the email parameter, by choosing to use the Managed Apple ID with or without the subdomain (@appleid). Due to Privacy Policies, ASM does not provide the user’s registered email - only the Managed Apple ID.

Administrators can also choose Class Period parameters. Select whether the integration will sync the Class Number or the Class ID. Remember the Apple School Manager Integration does not provide the registered Class Period name.

To edit these parameters in Mosyle Manager, navigate to My School > Apple School Manager > click Settings for the desired ASM account.

Select Locations to sync the data

This new configuration option allows Admin users to select which location data they would like to sync from Apple School Manager. To edit this configuration, go to My School > Apple School Manager > click Settings for the desired ASM account. Check the boxes to select the Location(s).

Add New Data from ASM

Now you can choose whether to only add new data from ASM to existing information, or if you’d like to clean-up the data in your Mosyle account to only reflect what currently exists in ASM. By selecting this option, only new user information from ASM will be added to your Mosyle Manager account. Important note: in order for users to be imported, they must be assigned to both a Grade Level and Class Period.

New Data from ASM

We’ve designed an Academic Year Assistant to help Admins update the Mosyle Manager data for the new school-year! To access it, navigate to My School > Academic Year.

If you previously used synchronization to import data (such as Apple School Manager or Active Directory), simply update your system. The next time Mosyle Manager syncs, the data will be updated.

After that, all MDM profiles will be updated. For example, if a management profile is only applied to a specific Grade Level, students leaving the Grade Level will have the profile removed and commands will be created to apply the profile for any new students entering the Grade Level.

Auto Rename After DEP Enrollment

No more spreadsheets needed to rename devices in your school! Now you can configure the DEP profile to include the format for the device name which will be applied right after enrollment. Save time during deployment and keep your devices organized, so you can focus more on management.

Student Logout

Now you can disable the logout button in the Mosyle Manager app for students who are assigned to 1:1 devices. This feature is available in both iOS and macOS platforms. To enable or disable the logout button, navigate to Preferences > MDM Platforms > select the platform and check the option.

New Ticket Settings

Everyday we receive great feedback about our reliable Support, and we’re always working to improve! We understand any issues must be handled quickly to ensure everything is running smoothly in your school. That’s why we’ve improved the Tickets form in the Support tab - to assist you even faster. Now you’re able to attached images/screenshots, select the OS and enter the serial number of at least one device with the issue described.

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