Release Notes: February, 2018

Release Notes: February, 2018

Mosyle Team
written by Mosyle Team

Release Notes is our monthly update that highlights the new features of Mosyle Manager as well as recent product improvements we’ve made to help you manage Apple devices in your schools and/or district. Here's what we launched in February 2018!

What is new?

Custom Command as criteria for criteria-specific groups of devices

This setting allows you to set the Custom Command as a criteria for criteria-specific groups of devices. When creating the Custom Commands profile, select the option “Set the commands response as attribute on Device Info”. You are also able to customize the attribute name.

By checking this option, the response from the command will be displayed in the Device Info area for each device. It also allows you to filter the devices using the criteria-specific groups of devices area.

Allow and block Google Chrome extensions (macOS only)

Now, admins can manage the Google Chrome browser extensions using the Mosyle Manager platform. You may install new extensions, allowing access to students and teachers, or block the extensions that are already installed on the Mac computers.

Allow and block Google Chrome extensions on Mac computers using Mosyle Manager MDM

Other Improvements

Add devices to the limbo at the District Level

Now, admins are able to add devices to the limbo status at the District Level. Navigate to the Management tab and go to DEP Integration. Then, select "Devices in Limbo at District Level" to add the selected devices to the District Limbo and configure it before assigning it to an account.

Send the 1:1 assigned device to limbo when the user logs in on a shared device

Set account preferences to prevent or allow 1:1 devices to convert to limbo when the respective user logs in on a shared device. Navigate to Preferences, select the platform, and configure the Assignment Preferences.

Set up admin permissions

Primary Account Leaders can now modify permissions of other admin users by choosing the settings and configurations they are able to create and edit within Mosyle.

The user can create and modify data in the My School tab and/or profiles in the Management tab. To set up permissions, navigate to My School and go to Administrators.

Remove all restrictions when admin logs in to device

Admins can now configure if all the restrictions applied to a certain device will be removed when they log in. When this option is checked, restrictive profiles will be removed after the admin user logs in, including Restrictions, Allowed/Blocked apps, Web Filter, and App Lock.

Install apps using priority URLs

Administrators are able to add priority URLs of internal IP to install applications using .PKG files. Admins have the option to also add a range of the IP for each alternative URL. After creating the Install App profile, click to edit it and add the priority URLs.

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