Testing Network 06

There’s a lot of details to pay attention to when considering the communication between the network connection and the MDM server. So, how can IT Staff quickly test to identify where the problem is? Based on challenges faced by schools during iPad deployments, we suggest making use of the following checklist to identify how you can optimize your network.

First, analyze the number of devices involved in the issue. If the issue is occurring for only on a few iPads, we recommend simply restarting the devices and manually reconnecting the Wifi. If the issue seems to be more widespread, take the following steps to troubleshoot:

1) Check out the last MDM connection date by navigating through the Bulk Operations and/or Device Info area;

2) If the MDM connection is current, check for any Alerts using the Management tab; look out for Alerts such as: MDM is disabled and/or devices without internet connection;

3) To conduct a real time connection test, request Update Info through Bulk Operations or Device Info, or try to apply commands such as App Lock or Wallpaper;

4) Check if the MDM connection status changed. If it hasn’t, we highly recommend you repeat this process after connecting the iPads to a Hotspot network, such as your iPhone connection;

5) If it works correctly when using the Hotspot, check out your school network configuration! Check to make sure the TCP ports are allowed and the proxy domains are accessible.