Proxy 04

The proxy server acts as a “middle man” for any requests from the Internet, protecting and adding privacy to the school’s connection. Schools should pay attention to the domains the proxy server is blocking. The more advanced and robust the proxy, the more difficult the Wifi Authentication will be on iPads.

The APNs servers use load balancing, so your devices won't always connect to the same public IP address for notifications. The entire address block is assigned to Apple, so it’s best to allow access to this range of ports.

If you use Mosyle Manager MDM, it’s also required to allow the MDM Server wildcard:


Make sure your proxy ports are correctly scheduled, ensuring any necessary ports won’t be blocked during school hours.

We strongly recommend use FQDN (Fully Qualified Domain Name) rather than IP address. Ensure the following domains are configured: - -

Tip #2 / What about PAC?

Our Technical Support Team recommends that schools use Proxy Auto-Configuration (PAC) File on iOS devices. This will make your network connection run smoothly.

If your school doesn’t have a Proxy Server, you can configure it using Mosyle Manager.