Conclusion 06

As you can see, network is one of the most important aspects when deploying mobile devices and using an MDM to configure them. The success of a smooth deployment are completely related with network structure configurations, which is why it is such an important step when planning a mobile learning project.

The MDM is 100% dependent on internet - if your network is setup with all necessary configurations needed to allow the iPads to communicate with Mosyle’s server and the APNs, you’ll see a huge improvement and an increase of the number of the successful commands. And don’t forget! All the points below are extremely important to smooth out the edges of your network. So make a checklist, and be sure to check them out in your current structure:

Are all the required firewall ports for APNs and Mosyle’s MDM unblocked?

Is my proxy blocking Mosyle’s wildcard?

Is my DHCP leasing time configured to support all of my devices?

Am I using a Captive Portal in the network my institution’s iPads are connected?

Have I analyzed the coverage and capacity of my access points as well as the number of devices that will be connected to each one?

And remember: TEST! Test your network, connect your devices to other internet sources (like a hotspot), to see if there is any validation or security layer that may be impacting how the iPads reach the MDM. We’re sure that by checking all of these points, you can optimize your network and get the most out of Mosyle Manager and your iPads.