Captive Portal 06

If your distributed Wi-Fi network is setup with a captive portal, forcing users to an authentication page in order to connect with the internet, you must keep a few things in mind. Captive Portal is an authentication layer for both student and teacher devices and will always have a timeout. In other words, after awhile, the user will be alerted and required to revalidate their login on the Web Authentication Page to continue their connection to the network (and internet access).

For iPads only used during specific times, such as Shared carts of devices, the validation will expire when the devices are not in use, and consequently, no MDM commands or APNs will be applied to those devices. Our suggestion is, whenever possible do not use Captive Portal for the network the institution’s iPads will be using. Instead, use other methods of validation, such as a password, Mac Address, and/or installed profile.

If you have no other options, our recommendation is to keep the Captive Portal only for the public networks of the School, as the visitors or guest network.

TIP #3 / Do not trap your iPads!

If your school has Shared iPad carts, make sure to use the carts only for device transportation. Keeping the devices enclosed full time inside the cart, can result in the iPads suffering from electromagnetic isolation - similar to what happens in a Faraday Cage. By doing this, the devices will not connect to the network and and will not receive the MDM commands. If you need to keep the iPads inside the cart, our Technical Support Team suggests to always keep the cart doors open during school hours.