Un-enroll Devices 05

Now the MDM migration truly begins! Now you should un-enroll the devices from your current mobile device management solution. There are different methods to do it, considering if your school uses Apple School Manager/DEP or not.

Un-enroll Devices

Using Apple School Manager/DEP

It’s highly recommended for schools, districts and universities to deploy Apple devices using the Apple School Manager because there are all the features technology teams need to deploy, manage and monitor school’s devices, users data and also manage content in a single platform. You can check out all the benefits of this Apple Deployment Program in this article.

There's also the advantage of the streamlined zero-touch deployment with Apple School Manager and DEP. When using ASM/DEP you don't need to unenroll the devices previously from your current MDM.

When assigning devices to a new MDM server in the Apple School Manager, a wipe of the device is required. The devices will be un-enrolled from your current MDM solution and they will be enrolled in the new MDM server. Due to compliance and security, DEP profiles are only applied after the reboot of the device.

So go ahead and set up your new MDM solution, Mosyle Manager MDM, following the steps we will explain in the next chapters.

Not using Apple School Manager

If your school doesn't have an Apple School Manager account and/or your devices are not DEP-eligible, you should unenroll devices from your current MDM solution by removing the management profile. Wiping devices is not required but, by choosing not to wipe the devices, the un-enrollment should be done using Apple Configurator or manually - what will definitely not save time if you have a large-scale Apple device deployment.

Apple made it possible to enroll iOS 11 and tvOS 11 in the DEP account regardless of the vendor channel in which they have been bought. Visit this article to discover how to enroll your donated iPads and Apple TVs to the DEP.