Set up the new MDM Solution 06

Now it's time to start setting up your new MDM solution to complete your migration. Get started by creating your new Apple Push Notifications Certificate. The Push Certificate provides the safe way for the MDM server to communicate with your school's iPad, and only through that the devices will receive commands created in your MDM solution.

Important note/ #2

You should create a new Apple Push Certificate when migrating devices to a new MDM server, it can be created using the same Apple ID as used previously as it will not interfere with any previously created and/or valid Push Certificates.

After creating the Apple Push Certificate, you are ready to integrate your MDM solution for setting up your school hierarchy by importing users data.

Set Up New MDM Solution

If your new mobile device management solution is Mosyle Manager, navigate to the My School area so you can integrate it to Apple School Manager, DEP, VPP, Active Directory, Apple Configurator 2.5 or even import the users using spreadsheets, according to your migration plan and the system that you use in your school or district currently.

It's highly recommended to use Apple School Manager and DEP accounts integrated to Mosyle Manager, taking all the advantages of zero-touch deployment, supervised mode and not allowing students to remove the MDM profile from the devices.

By accomplishing these integrations, you will be able to import to your new MDM solution all your locations, grade levels, class periods, courses, students, teachers and staff users. We highly recommend importing all users/courses to automate configuration and empower teachers to make the most of the Apple's Classroom App and the Mosyle Class Manager.

Remember to also create the admin/leaders users and set up their permission so your technology team is able to access the Mosyle Manager solution.

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