Introduction 01

Your school or district has invested in Apple devices to create engaging and creative ways of learning. To foster an ideal technology-centric learning experience, you have contracted an MDM vendor to simplify your deployment. However, after some time you've realized that they are constantly overpricing you and killing your school budget, their support takes days to answer your questions and solve your issues, and commands are not reliably being applied to devices.

Good news is: you have found a more cost-effective mobile device management solution, priced for education and committed to provide the best customer support experience, so you decided that it’s time to migrate - however, you have questions on how to get started migrating from another MDM solution. Well, you are in the right spot!

Welcome to Mosyle Manager Migration Guide

In this MDM Migration Guide, we will provide you with the most important information and steps that will assist you when migrating from your current mobile device management solution to your new provider.

If you are discovering now the incredible MDM universe, we highly recommend that you read our article about the Basics of MDM before you start this guide, so you can learn a little bit more about what a mobile device management solution is and why it is so critical for educational institutions to deploy their Apple devices.

Now let's jump into what you will learn by reading this guide. Each chapter covers one critical step of the MDM migration process, helping you succeed in your migration journey. Take a look:

Obviously this information is general so if your MDM provider offers personalized support, get in touch with their team and ask questions!

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