Final tips08

We hope that this information really supports you during the MDM migration in your school, district or university, and we have some final tips especially for you!

Communicate parents about refreshing education technology

It’s important to communicate and keep the steps of refreshing EdTech clearly described for parents, students and teachers, explaining why the wipe of devices is required and how it is critical for students’ security and device compliance, also leveraging the learning experience while using Apple technology.

Test migration processes with a small amount of devices

We highly recommend you test the migrating process and workflows with a small amount of devices before migrating all of your iPad or Mac fleet. This will help you validate your migration plan as well as identify any workflow that could be optimized, any network configuration issue and also get familiar with your new mobile device management software solution, Mosyle Manager.

Enjoy trial periods

Enjoy our 30-day Trial of our Premium Plan, so you can test your migration plan! During this period, you can discover all of the advantages of a full feature set with the unique, exclusive educational tools that go beyond the Apple MDM protocols and really help schools, districts and universities to streamline deployment and make device management faster and easier.

Check out case studies about MDM migration

Cupertino School Union District moved over a staggering 19,000 elementary and middle school students and their Apple devices from their previous mobile device management software solution to Mosyle Manager.

Watch how our tools and the Customer Success Team helped the technology and instructional teams to achieve a smooth MDM migration.

Cardinal Gibbons High School experienced a great refresh project of their 1,200 iPads with the support of Mosyle Manager mobile device management solution.

Watch how they planned the education technology refresh here!

Download the checklist to organize migration

We have created a MDM migration checklist to help you go through all the critical steps of switching and migrating from mobile device management solution. In this checklist, you will find all the essential tasks, from Network Infrastructure to Device Enrollment, so you and your technology team can accomplish a successful MDM migration.

Download Checklist