Export Assets and Store Data 04

Now it’s time to export and organize the assets you have in your current MDM solution. Organize them in the best way for your technology team, so it will be easier to import them to the new mobile device management solution later.

Store Data

As you’ve already completed your documentation, this step will be easier. Based on the documentation, organize all the assets that you use while managing the Apple devices of your educational institution. We shared below some assets you should organize in order to import them properly later:

It’s also highly recommended to export the device inventory from your current MDM solution, containing the tags you use to organize devices as well as the basic information about your device fleet.

The next step is to evaluate what you can store using your prefered storage cloud-based service. According to the enrollment method chosen, a wipe of the devices might be required - such as enrolling iOS devices using Apple School Manager and DEP. That's why you need to make sure all the important data is stored before you start re-enrolling the devices.

Important note/ #1

If your school uses Managed Apple IDs, there’s the benefit of 200GB iCloud data storage for each student, which is impressive! Also, remember that some popular applications used in the classroom are cloud-based, so students' educational projects will not be lost if they have been synced in the cloud before.

It's very important to work closely to the instructional team to maintain a transparent communication with parents and students about this step, explaining why this is important to the school's device program.

Remember to revoke the VPP licenses too! You can integrate the VPP legacy token to your new MDM solution at any time, however, we recommend first revoking the assigned licenses in your current MDM provider before integrating to ensure a fresh start.

If you haven’t yet migrated to Apple School Manager’s Apps and Books, this is a great opportunity to migrate your legacy VPP account to the new Apps and Books to take advantage of all new options for your VPP licenses. Read our article about Apps and Books and learn about the steps.