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Become a Mosyle Mentor

A Mosyle Community featuring a group of passionate educators, technology directors and MDM managers that want to spread their knowledge of managing devices in the classroom, at a school or across a district.

What is a Mosyle Mentor?

The role of a Mosyle Mentor is to act as a brand ambassador, to share best practices with the broader education community, to help promote Mosyle news and updates, to stimulate MDM conversations via social media, to work with Mosyle to better the platform, and to serve as advocates when needed.

What are the benefits?

Mosyle Mentors will be recognized with a digital badge, given assistance in applying and attending conferences to present on behalf of Mosyle, invited to attend a Mosyle sponsored annual mentor gathering, are featured on our website, and of course, lots of swag included.

What do I need to do qualify?

  • Must be a teacher, tech director, instructional technology coordinator, MDM manager etc. for a school or district in U.S.A, Mexico or Canada.

  • Must be able to attend the Mosyle Mentor gathering June 13th - 15th in Florida. (Mosyle sponsored)

  • Must be willing to contribute to the Mosyle Community through a blog posting or video or other marketing opportunity at least once yearly.

  • Should be able to apply for conferences to speak about Mosyle and MDM.

  • Must be willing to actively participate in the online Mosyle Community interacting with users occasionally.

Mosyle Mentor Badges

I'm ready to apply! What do I do?!

Complete an online application by clicking the button below by April 23rd. Basic information about yourself will be required as well as two short reflection questions and video.

Become a Mentor

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Discover stories of teachers and IT professionals that are transforming learning with Apple devices and our Mobile Device Management (MDM) especially designed for Education.

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