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Immaculata-La Salle High School

Tech team leverages iPads at this School with MDM

Our new season of our video series MDM on the Road is here! Our first stop is Immaculata-La Salle High School in Miami, FL. With over 1,300 Apple devices, their dedicated technology department has the support of our mobile device management (MDM) Mosyle Manager, leveraging their iPad Program and ensuring everything is running smoothly.

This designated technology team also has the great mission to empower teachers and students so they can enjoy all of the amazing teaching and learning possibilities made possible through the use of an Apple device, such as iPad or Mac devices.

With the MDM solution, the team is able to minimize any disruption to their school day, ensuring safety and educational purpose. "Whenever a school decides to give a piece of technology to students, it’s very important that we have safety measures in place. Mosyle has dozens of features that we use on a daily basis to help us create a focused learning environment." Said Eric Taggart, Director of Technology for Immaculata-La Salle High School.

Watch the video below and see how Mosyle Manager MDM embraces this iPad Program.

The MDM on the Road series tells the stories of teachers and IT professionals that are transforming learning with iPads and our Mobile Device Management (MDM) designed for Education. All MDM on the Road episodes are filmed on the iPhone X and edited with Final Cut Pro.

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Video Transcript:

Fredy Padovan, Chief Inspiration Officer for Mosyle: Another school year means another year of MDM on the Road. Our first season took us to some incredible schools around North America and our second season is shaping up to be just as great. To kick things off we are heading back to the sunshine state to Immaculata-La Salle High School in Miami, FL. ILS has been long recognized as an Apple Distinguished School and was the first Catholic school in the country to be accredited as a STEM school by AdvancED.

This thriving campus is home to over 1,300 Apple devices from their 1:1 iPad program to specialized iMac labs for TV Production and Graphic Design students and teachers are exposed to endless opportunities with technology. Part of their recipe for success includes investing in a dedicated department to keep everything up and running.

Cat Campos, Dean of Technology: As our technology initiatives became more successful a conscious decision was made by the administration to incorporate a dean of technology into the admin structure. One of the keys in our success has been developing a designated tech team to help and support teachers and students, not only inside the classroom but also in the extra curricular activities as well. In addition to the support helping them leverage the new technologies they are given.

Fredy Padovan, Chief Inspiration Officer for Mosyle: At Immaculata-La Salle teachers are also provided a MacBook Air and have benefited from iCloud Drive across all of their devices.

Alexis Mabe, Science Teacher & Design Curriculum Coordinator: In my classroom we’ve had the 1:1 student iPad ratio for a long time and pretty much my whole teaching career I’ve had a laptop but in the last couple of years with iCloud being able to put anything on my desktop and being able to access it on my iPad I don’t have to worry about which device I have in front of me I can walk around my classroom and access anything I saved on my computer and then even some apps that I use all the time I can access on my phone.

So, it really makes everything easily accessible to me, all the time. It makes everything more seamless in the classroom, the students don’t have to wait for me to upload anything and find something; so it saves time and it keeps the students more engaged.

Fredy Padovan, Chief Inspiration Officer for Mosyle: Another key service of their program is how they handle repairs of damaged devices for students to minimize disruption to their school day.

Jose Naranjo, Education Technology Coordinator: Our workflow is very easy when we have to swap out an iPad. We simply take our iPad or our MacBook, open up the Mosyle Manager, we have our dashboard and we are able to wipe. The teachers appreciate that we are in there with the students swapping them out. We aren’t pulling them out of class, they aren’t missing any instructional time. It’s something that is very important, when a device is damaged that the student doesn’t miss 20 minutes, 5 minutes of instruction time. We are there sitting with them getting the process done while they are still able to participate in the lesson with the teacher.

Fredy Padovan, Chief Inspiration Officer for Mosyle: Of course, giving technology to students comes with great responsibility and mobile device management is a must for schools.

Eric Taggart, Director of Technology: Whenever a school decides to give a piece of technology to students it’s very important that we have safety measures in place. Mosyle has dozens of features that we use on a daily basis to help us create a focused learning environment.

From distributing apps and books to students, to giving teachers the ability to manage the classroom, as well as after hour solution for parents where they are able to manage their child’s device, Mosyle has really become an all-in-one solution.

Cat Campos, Dean of Technology: No two days in this job are ever the same. I’m always looking for predictable and reliable tools to help me manage all of the technology and Mosyle is one of those tools that provides me with the peace of mind knowing that I can continue to have a successful program.

Fredy Padovan, Chief Inspiration Officer for Mosyle: To stay current with more innovative schools like Immaculata-La Salle and the best practices for managing Apple devices in schools, click the subscribe button to join our channel now.

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