Push software onto Macs 04

Having Macs in schools is a great way to provide teachers and students with the tools they need to succeed, but that’s only one part of Mac deployment. It’s also necessary to give them access to the appropriate apps and software.

Installing software and apps onto Mac computers can be a time-consuming process when done manually/individually, but there’s an easier way to remotely install software/applications to your school's Mac fleet. There are different installation methods depending on where the app is hosted.

If the app is hosted on the Mac App Store, you can install those apps onto devices through Apple School Manager (ASM) in the Apps and Books area. If you didn’t migrate to Apps and Books from legacy VPP, learn more about migrating from VPP to Apple School Manager here. To migrate from your legacy VPP tokens to Apps and Books within Apple School Manager, check out the instructions provided by Apple.

Installing apps on Macs using Apps and Books

How to install apps using PKGs

If the app is not hosted on the App Store, you can use PKG files or run scripts and custom commands to install apps/software on Macs using your MDM solution. The basic workflow when using this method is creating the PKG file using one Mac computer, hosting this file in a cloud host service and installing it remotely using your mobile device management software solution. Mosyle Manager has an Install PKG tab to help make this process easier. When using this installation process, it’s important to generate and host the PKG first. Learn more about hosting PKGs here.

Tip: Check the amount of content licenses. Ensure that the number of licenses is enough for the number of users/devices. Otherwise, the command will not go through.

Important note

If you are choosing to generate the PKG file through Mosyle Manager, there are two options. The first is generating it on the Mac that you are on currently - which is the option we highly recommend - or you can generate it remotely if the software is installed on another Mac device. If you choose to do this remotely, you would just select one of the Macs enrolled to generate the PKG. The PKG file will then be generated on the desktop of the selected Mac.

Distribute the file and choose whether you want to automatically set App info, which will host the PKG File on a public link with SSL/HTTPS or you can manually set the App info, Mosyle will not validate the PKG if you choose to manually enter the app bundle ID and version.

Here are our best practices on installing apps and software onto your Macs using Microsoft Office as an example.

In the following section we’ll go over how you can install apps/software in a way that gives you even more control over the installation process.