Prepare the MDM solution 02

When you’re getting ready for the school year, it’s important to add your end-users for ease of management, including teachers, students and staff. Importing your school’s hierarchy is easy and there are a few different ways you can do this, depending on whether you already have a hierarchy/roster.

If you do have a list ready to be imported, you can either import your school’s hierarchy into the MDM solution by integrating Apple School Manager or using other methods. If you don’t already have your list of users, you can create your roster directly in Mosyle Manager.

We’ll go over the ways you can complete this important step of your Mac deployment process, starting off with Apple School Manager.

Integrate Apple School Manager

Apple School Manager (ASM) gathers all the information you need to deploy and manage your devices all in one web-based portal. It combines Device Enrollment (DEP) and the Apps and Books area, allowing you to automate supervision and enrollment.

If your school doesn't have an Apple School Manager account yet, just visit and submit your school’s information. If you already have an account, make sure you have properly set up your account with the user accounts and added your MDM server to the Apple School Manager account.

You can combine Mosyle's SSO and Auth solution to the federated authentication for linking Apple School Manager to Microsoft Azure Active Directory (AD) to provide the easiest experience for students and teachers by leveraging their AD usernames and passwords as Managed Apple IDs. With one single credential, students and teachers can assign their Apple devices, log in to the Mac and access their resources.

Important note

When creating a link between Mosyle Manager and ASM, make sure that you first integrate ASM with Azure AD and then integrate Azure AD with Mosyle Manager.

Ensure that your Apple School Manager account is integrated to your MDM solution. When using Mosyle Manager as your device management solution, follow these easy steps:

Add school's hierarchy using other methods

You can also easily import your school’s hierarchy/roster by integrating Active Directory with your MDM solution. Doing it this way also makes it easier to authenticate your end-users because it seamlessly works with Single Sign-On (SSO), which we cover in section 5.

This can be done in Mosyle Manager in three easy steps:

If you don’t already have a hierarchy/roster to import, you can easily create users within Mosyle Manager.

When you’re creating user profiles for students, you can also assign them to grade levels and class periods.

Next up, we’ll go over different ways to enroll your Mac computers.