Introduction 01

Mac computers are proving to be a very powerful device for Education, especially in the 1: 1 model for High School students or in school's Mac labs. Several schools using our Apple device management solution have already started scaling their Apple programs by integrating more of those devices in their classrooms.

The impact of Mac computers on Education is providing great learning outcomes. These Apple devices provide students and teachers with powerful tools and resources that inspire collaboration, support students in project development, and develop critical skills that will be very important when they enter the workforce in the future.

So we’re glad that you’re reading this guide to deploy Mac computers for K-12 in the easiest and most intuitive way. We’ll help you along your deployment journey!

In this guide, we'll explain the basic step-by-step instructions for deploying your Macs and getting them ready for students and teachers, whether it's in the 1: 1 or shared model.

Let's see what you’ll learn by reading this guide. Each of the following chapters will explain an important step in the Mac computer deployment workflow, including:

You'll find that by going through these steps, you can deploy Mac computers in the most effective way!

All the information we share in this guide is general for Mac deployment, so we always recommend that you contact customer support for your specific MDM solution.

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