Configure User Authentication 06

When deploying Macs for schools, one of the most important processes that must be configured is identity authentication for your end-users, such as teachers and students. This way, they can get access to the appropriate materials based on their level of permissions. Built-in identity authentication features within an MDM solution can help you safely save time when it comes to device management.

SSO is a type of identity authentication that allows end-users to log into a system using a single-unified login, eliminating the need to log in multiple times. When using this type of login, it’s important to have a trusted identity provider (IdP) such as Google or Microsoft Azure AD.

Mosyle Auth can be integrated with your IdP to provide an even better user experience.

Setting up Single Sign-On in Mosyle Manager

Make sure that users are registered in Mosyle with the same email used to sign up, otherwise SSO will not be applied to the Primary Leader, rendering them unable to log in to Mosyle.

You can set up SSO in Mosyle Manager by navigating to My School and select Single Sign-On from the left hand side. Start the configuration by adding a new profile and selecting the options specific to your authentication needs. For more detailed instructions on setting up SSO, read the step-by-step instructions in our Getting Started guide.

Setting up Mosyle Auth in Mosyle Manager

Mosyle Auth allows end-users to log in to Mac computers through a Login Window using the same credentials from the IdP service. Mosyle Auth only works on macOS 10.12 or higher (macOS Sierra). In the SSO area, follow the same steps for setting up SSO but choose Mosyle Auth for macOS as the Identity Service instead. Detailed instructions are in our Getting Started guide.

Learn about best practices when configuring SSO/Mosyle Auth.

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