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Why to wipe iPads when enrolling the Apple device into a school program

Why to wipe iPads when enrolling the Apple device into a school program

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A wipe of a school owned device when managing iOS devices with an mobile device management solution can be a must for some reasons. It is summer, and you have to refresh and update the iPads for the new students that are coming in. Or your school is implementing a BYOD (Bring your own device) program and you need to enroll those devices into the MDM solution - and parents are asking about the requirement of erasing all the content from the devices. Maybe you are even taking out the recent senior class, and it is required to wipe the iOS devices. But do you know why a wipe of the iPad is required in those cases? Read on to find out!

Why wiping devices is required in some cases?

First, it's highly recommended to wipe the devices for a new school year to get a fresh new start on the iPads. It's the most effective way to deliver the device to a new student as it is brand-new.

The second reason relates to the enrollment method your school uses to enroll the devices into the MDM solution and remotely manage them. For example, a wipe of the device is required when assigning devices to a new MDM server in the Apple School Manager account. Due to compliance and security, DEP (Device Enrollment Program) management profiles are only applied after the reboot of the device.

Even if you are not using Apple School Manager or DEP for enrolling the devices, wiping the device is highly recommended in order to get the iOS device into the Supervised Mode using Apple Configurator 2.

Supervision is a procedure that proves an institution, as a school or a district, has ownership over an iOS or tvOS device. Basically, this allows the admins to view and control the devices in their fleet using advanced MDM capabilities. This is a great tool in order to help the students learn at their own pace, help them stay focused and guide them into the right direction. To do this, there are a few steps to do that we will go over in this article, including wiping the iOS device.

Can the student store data before wiping the device?

Before you wipe the device, you are able to backup some information the student and the school would like backed up. They want to save the data for a few reasons: progress in any education apps, notes for certain lectures, you name it -- students should want to save the information so that they can go back and look at it in the future.

Remember that if your school uses Managed Apple IDs, there’s the benefit of 200GB iCloud data storage for each student so the projects done and saved using the Managed Apple ID will be saved. Also, some popular educational applications are cloud-based, so students' schoolworks will not be lost if they have been synced in the cloud before.

For those reasons it's crucial to work closely to the instructional team and teachers to maintain a transparent communication with parents and students about erasing the content from the devices, explaining how to save their work and why wiping the device is important to the school's device program due security matters.

Important note: make sure to disable the Find My iPad feature before wiping the iOS device. If the Find My iPad is enabled, the device will get into the Activation Lock Mode and the Supervision process can not be successfully completed.

So, if you are an IT administrator who needs to wipe your devices, there are several ways to wipe the device:

How to reset device using the MDM solution:

Let’s say you are going to use your MDM Solution to reset the iOS devices for the school year coming up. By this point in the process, you will have already backed up any data and information of the students. If you haven’t, make sure you do!

If you use Mosyle Manager as your educational MDM solution, you can do this procedure easily. In your Mosyle Dashboard, click on “Management” and then proceed to click on “Bulk Operations”. From here you can choose from the list of your devices, clicking on the devices you are planning to wipe, then click on “Wipe Device” and they will be reset

How to wipe iOS devices using Apple Configurator 2:

Erasing all content and settings on the iPad can be done in a few ways -- all of which are very simple! Another way is wiping the iOS devices through the Apple Configurator 2 (AC2) software. The Apple Configurator 2 is a Mac application provided by Apple to support iOS and tvOS deployment, widely used in countries/regions where the Apple School Manager and/or DEP (Device Enrollment Program) are not available.

To wipe the devices using this method, make sure the Apple Configurator 2 is installed into your Mac computer. Plug in all the iPads that need to be wiped. The iPad will show up into AC2, so you will be able to select all the desired devices. Click on the devices, then go to "Advanced" and choose "Erase all content and settings".

How to erase all the data manually:

The way you wipe the iOS device manually -- on the iPad, iPhone or iPad, is very easy. First, just go to the Settings tab, then select General. From there, scroll to the bottom to Reset, then Erase all Content and Settings, then finalize it. Once you are done with that, now the device will be back to factory mode, the device will restart and you are able to set up the device from scratch!

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