What is new in Apple MDM Protocol with macOS 10.13.4

What is new in Apple MDM Protocol with macOS 10.13.4

Mosyle Team
written by Mosyle Team

Apple just launched a new version of the operating system for Mac computers today and it brings new MDM functionalities to help Mac Admins to manage their macOS devices with zero-touch.

The company also released new MDM features for managing iPads and Apple TVs. You can check out the new functionalities for iOS 11.3 in this blog post and the new MDM tools for Apple TVs in this other article.

One of the most expected new MDM functionalities for macOS 10.13. 4 are the Delay Software Update and the Content Caching payload which will help Mac Admins to use any macOS computer updated to this version of macOS High Sierra as a content caching server for other devices of the school.

Our Apple mobile device management solution for schools is ready to go from day one! We sorted below all the new management profiles and restrictions made available with the latest version of macOS High Sierra and that are already live on Mosyle Manager MDM:

New Management profiles:

Content Caching

By creating a Content Caching management profile, Mac Admins can determine if a Mac computer will be used as a server, performing content caching for other devices in your school. Administrators are able to set up the cache content type as well as the maximum of the cache size.

Delay Software Update

Admins are able to delay the macOS update on your schools computers, configuring when it should be updated.

Autonomous Single App Mode

This management profile allows applications to autonomously enter in the single app mode or, in other words, the app can itself gets into App Lock. In order to apply this capability, the application should be previously prepared by the developer.

New Settings:

New option in Login Window

Now admins can select two new options when creating a Login Window profile to be applied in your Mac computers: Disable Privacy consent during login and Disable Cloud Storage.

New Install App Status

Our MDM now is able to provide admins with more information about the installed apps by detailing when an application has an update available.

Enable Auto Renewal in AD server

By enabling this option, Macs will attempt to auto-renew the certificate with the Active Directory server when needed.

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