What is new in Apple MDM Protocol with iOS 11.3

What is new in Apple MDM Protocol with iOS 11.3

Mosyle Team
written by Mosyle Team

Apple just released iOS 11.3 today and made available some functionalities that device administrators are excited about, such as Bluetooth Control, delayed OS update, and Web Clip on Home Layout.

In the educational environment, these brand-new functionalities will help IT administrators to have even more control over the iPad fleet as well as make it easier on device management for teachers.

The company also released new MDM features for managing Mac computers and Apple TVs. You can check out the new functionalities for macOS 10.13.4 in this article and the new MDM tools for Apple TVs in this other blog post.

Mosyle Manager MDM solution is already configured and updated for iOS 11.3. We listed below all the new management profiles, restrictions and configuration options that Apple made possible with the new version of its mobile operating system.

Our Apple mobile device management solution for schools is ready to go from day one. Check out all the new capabilities:

New Management Profiles:

Delay Software Update

Admins are able to delay the iOS update on your school iPads up to 90 days. Please note: the iPads should be supervised.

Apple TV Remote

You are able to create a management profile that will be applied to iOS devices by selecting which Apple TVs the users can control using the Apple TV Remote app. Users will not be able to use the remote control app (TV Remote) on unselected Apple TVs. An empty list will allow control of all Apple TVs.

New Restrictions:

Force Bluetooth always on

Now administrators can set up the restriction that all the iPads should have the Bluetooth Status always on. Using Mosyle Manager, admins are also able to set it up using the Bulk Operations area.

Force Permission to leave classes

This restriction allows that a student enrolled in an unmanaged course via Classroom can request permission from the teacher when attempting to leave the course.

Allow USB Restricted Mode

When enabling this restriction, a device will always be able to connect to USB accessories while locked.

All these restrictions require the iPad to be in the Supervised Mode. If you need to learn how to supervise iOS devices, check out our guide.

New Settings:

Web Clip on Home Layout

Now administrators are able to add a Web Clip when creating a Home Layout for the iPads. Please note: the devices should be supervised.

Cellular Services in VPN Service Exceptions

Admins can configure the Cellular Services traffic in the Service Exceptions when selecting the IKEv2 connection type in the VPN profile.

New Install App Status

Our MDM is now able to provide admins with more information about the installed apps by detailing other status: App Store Vendable, Device Based VPP, Beta App, Adhoc Code Signed, and App has update available.

Reinstall native apps

Admins can now remotely reinstall native apps after they were removed from the iOS devices.

Disable Proximity Setup

When wiping the iOS devices, now Admins are able to disable the Proximity Setup, skipping this option in the Setup Assistant.

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