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What is Managed App Configuration on iOS and how to operate it using the MDM

What is Managed App Configuration on iOS and how to operate it using the MDM

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What is Managed App Configuration?

The Managed App Configuration is the capability some iOS applications have to allow IT administrators to remotely configure settings of the managed app. Made available for iOS 7 or later, an MDM server can use this configuration to communicate with, and configure this third-party managed app.

This setting is configured for each application using specific keys and values. To find the correct app configuration, make sure you get the information provided by the app developer on their website. You can usually find the website for the developer right through the App Store when looking at the App details on App Store or simply researching the website on the Internet.

In general, the Managed App Configuration is used to distribute application credentials of the App Store applications. Heads up: this app license is not the same as the VPP license you might be familiar with, if you're using Apple School Manager or Volume Purchase Program. When distributing apps using the VPP as the source, it will be delivered together with the install command for the app, there's no need to configure that!

How to configure iOS App Configuration with the MDM solution?

To configure the iOS App Configuration, you will need to set up the keys and values when creating the management profile for installing the application to the iOS devices. Each MDM provider offers a different interface to operate this configuration on, so we will explore how you can do it using Mosyle Manager, the MDM made exclusively for Education.

When creating the Install App profile, select the desired application. If the app has the option of App Configuration, a small "C" will be displayed next to the app icon. To configure the iOS App Configuration, click the "C" and add to the script the keys and values provided by the app developer. Done! Simply configure the rest of the profile and the remotely specific configuration will be applied to the devices.

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